Introducing side pop-out selfie cameras from OPPO: Yay or nay?

OPPO Mobile has a thing for pop-out and slide-out selfie cameras. They have phones with pop-up selfie cameras and shark fin selfie cameras, and now, the company has filed a patent for side pop-out selfie cameras at the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Yes; OPPO really hasĀ  a thing for pop/slide-out cameras.

The new side pop-out selfie cameras are self-descriptive: they are located on a side of the phone instead of at the top. They are motorized, of course, and should function the same way that traditional pop-up cameras do.

side pop-out selfie cameras

There really is no assurance that this new patent will make it to production phones, but I fail to see why it shouldn’t. The new pop=out camera serves the same purpose as the traditional pop-up camera: to get rid of the notch while delivering an all-round edge-to-edge dispaly experience.

Here are more images for your enjoyment:

OPPO side pop-up selfie camera back

OPPO side-mounted selfie camera

I like the concept, but you might not. So, over to you: what do you think? Yay or nay?


  • China National Intellectual Property Administration website: Source.

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  1. The advantage a car like Tesla (or any other electric vehicle) has over other conventional cars is the simplicity.and parsimony of parts. They simply have far fewer parts… so there is far less to go wrong.

    Check out all the phones with moving parts (like the clamshells or the Communicator types).. they eventually have problems while those with monolithic bodies trundle on. I briefly owned the Sony Ericsson Xperia. Nokia 3350 and the Nokia E7.. they packed up faster than you can pick up Sowore from the Courtroom.

    I will never go for a phone with all the unnecessary added level of complexity just for an immersive experience of some other frivolous reasons… it is simply not worthwhile.

    The more moving parts you have in anything, the more likely you are to have problems with it eventually, especially when the technology is not yet mature.

    It is actually amusing that while others are attempting to remove moving portions of smartphones like the volume rocker, SIM tray and power button, others are intent on introducing others.

    So…. a resounding NAY to pop up cameras and other funny clunky appurtenances like this.


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