A broken phone screen not just looks aesthetically clumsy, but it can also lead to further damages to your device if you continue using it over time. The cracks on your screen are susceptible to dust and moisture working their way inside the device. This may eventually cause several functional and productivity issues. Besides, the phones with shattered screens reportedly generate and lose heat quite frequently. As a result of that, your phone battery starts draining fast. 

So if your phone screen is broken or cracked, it’s imperative you get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. 

The good news is, having a broken screen replaced is now easier than ever before, thanks to many repair companies offering exclusive screen replacement services keeping in mind the comfort, time, and needs of smartphone users. Carlcare Service is one such name that’s quite a hit in Nigeria, especially among the users of TECNO, Itel, and Infinix phones. Carlcare Service is the only official after-sale service provider for these brands, providing a superior phone screen replacement with utmost care at its state-of-the-art service centers. 

Carlcare Repair Broken or Cracked Phone Screen

While you may have plentiful options to get your damaged screen replaced in the market, the advantages of choosing a official service center like Carlcare are simply unsurpassable. It assures you to get a 100% original, factory-made screen that perfectly suits your phone model. The super-skilled technicians further make sure the screen-fixing will be done to perfection – and at the earliest possible. 

Speaking of Carlcare, the brand is among the pioneers in the mobile repair industry, having served over 100 million customers in more than 50 countries globally. In Nigeria alone, the company owns more than 200 centers to provide its authentic and trustworthy repair services to Itel, TECNO, and Infinix users. 

So in case you’ve accidently damaged your phone screen and looking for a reliable solution, then Carlcare is the place to be. All you need to do is to visit one of the designated service centers near you, and our trained technicians will take care of the rest. With the right training and tools at hand, they are proficient in this job and make sure the issue is fixed perfectly in tandem with your specific requirements.  

Let’s have a look at some prime reasons to choose Carlcare for phone screen replacement in Nigeria.

Repair a Broken or Cracked Phone Screen

Premium Quality Screens: Only a premium quality screen can match the visuals, resolutions, and touch quality you used to enjoy with your original phone screen. And this can be assured only when you get your broken screen repaired at a reliable repair company like carlcare!

The screen we provide will be 100% genuine and tested for its performance, durability, and functionality before it’s fitted to your device. 

You may get counterfeit screens easily in the market and at a way cheaper price than ours. But their pixel quality cannot be assured. Plus, their touch response won’t be that effective; many of them stop responding after a short time. Carlcare ensures you don’t have to suffer these problems by providing high-quality, original screens. 

Trained & Certified Repair Experts: At Carlcare, the screen repair is done by our trained and experienced technicians who do the job with utmost care. Remember, recreating that sublime touch and sharpness of a brand-new display needs special skill sets, not to mention proper trainings. Our technicians have the best of both and hence make your phone look brand-new, without breaking your bank. 

Reliable Warranty: As the authorized service center, we let the TECNO, Itel, and Infinix phone users enjoy their warranty benefits. While physical damages are usually not included in a standard phone warranty, the users can still be benefited as they get other associated repairs and services (like software/system update) FREE of cost. Our aim is to make your device function like a new one. 

In addition, the eligible TECNO users can take benefits of the brand’s ONE-time FREE SCREEN replacement policy with us. 

Where to Repair a Broken or Cracked Phone Screen

FREE Broken Screen Replacement Service

Ever thought of getting your phone screen replaced FREE of cost? It’s pretty much possible now! Carlcare offers exclusive broken screen free replacement insurance plans through which TECNO and Infinix phone users can get One FREE screen replacement if it gets damaged within the insurance period. It’s indeed an economical way to deal with screen damage, as the prices of these insurance plans are way cheaper than the cost of screen replacement. Besides, you enjoy a great peace of mind knowing your phone screen is fully protected by Carlcare’s reliable service and warranty plan. 

Currently, this screen insurance service can be purchased at selected retail stores and service centers in Nigeria. 

Transparent Prices: Another great benefit for TECNO, Itel, and Infinix users to choose Carlcare Service is that they can check the screen price before purchasing it. The process is very simple and transparent on Carlcare App.

– Open Carlcare App on your phone

– Click on the “Price” Tab on the home screen

– There, you’ll see the list of phone brands like TECNO, Itel and Infinix 

– Select your Phone brand and model 

– And there you will see the price list of all major spare parts including the display screen. 

Delivering this transparency in pricing and our quality repair service makes us stand apart. 

Save Time & Energy with Online Reservation 

Having damaged your new phone’s display, you may be miffed as hell. Let us put you on ease now! How about make Online Reservation for Screen Replacement from the comfort of your home, and enjoy our VIP, queue-free service! Yes, you read it right!you can book a phone repair online here well before you visit the service center. 

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