Dear mobile phone user, please read the phone manual!

Ignoring the manual after getting a new device is a phenomenon common to most users. The excitement of owning a new device is so overwhelming that only a few people actually remember that the device comes with a guide. The mobile phone manual is often times put aside with the packaging and left unread.

mobile phone manual

I am not exempted from engaging in this habit. I’ve done it several times and I still had to return to the manual after a while.

What is a phone manual?

A manual is a written or printed set of instructions that guide you on how to operate a device and solve problems.

According to Wikipedia:

A user guide or user’s guide, also commonly known as a manual, is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system.

It is quite normal  to get exhilarated when you get a new device. Quite a number of us won’t rest until we’ve tested or gone through every single feature of that device. While we’re at that, we sometimes do it the wrong way.

Many times we might still need go back to consult the user guide. The phone manual is a very important feature of any device. It is best to go through it before you start to operate your new device, especially if you are new to the device/software and so not familiar with how it works.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why a manual is/was included with your device?

Dont sleep on this

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