Believe it or not, in the House of Mo, a lowly pink Sony Ericsson W595, a feature phone that was released in late 2008, is the family mascot. You would probably have expected one of the more powerful devices that I have used over the years to have this honour. But, no; the honour goes to this pink feature phone.

The Sony Ericsson W595 first arrived the House of Mo in 2009 when I purchased it for my wife as a birthday gift. From that time till July 2010, it stayed in her service till it was replaced, and I decided to keep it for backup use. The W595 might be an old horse, but it had game all the way to the end.

Sony Ericsson W595
Sony Ericsson W595

During its life in service, this classic beauty offered 3.5G (HSDPA), Bluetooth tethering (which worked with the playbook), Bluetooth 2.0, FM Stereo, an external memory slot and a 3.2 megapixel camera, among others. Don’t forget that this was a 2008 device. Replace the traditional keypad with a larger touchscreen, and the W595 would stand its ground in today’s world.

Gmail on the W595

It also offered an email client that supported POP/IMAP protocols, meaning that accessing my mails (including Gmail) on it was a breeze. Perhaps the area in which the W595’s age began to tell the most was with the browser. Here, we had the old Netfront browser, which falls behind quite a bit when compared to what is available on current devices. Of course, the 2.2-inch display didn’t help with that.

Eventually, I assigned it to duties as the house phone. It was an instant hit with the kids. For starters, it was pink!! Secondly, it had a very good audio player (Walkman 3.0) and loudspeaker. The kids would play music on it at all opportunities. The built-in collection of games was also something that Boy Mo spent a lot of time with.

The phone still has fun photos and videos taken by either of them, especially of Girl Mo trying out her modelling skills. Consider also that whenever Daddy Mo and Mummy Mo called home, this was the beauty that rang and kept them connected, you can only begin to imagine the bond that the children have with the pink W595.

But in this world, every good story always has an end. Some weeks back, the hangup button on the Sony Ericsson W595 began to misbehave. Then a few other buttons joined in and it became unusable. It was time to retire the Sony Ericsson W595. I fondly call it the Pink Lady. Now, it has joined my Palm Pre in my collection of junk phones. Both of them work, but the battery of the Pre is so dead that it drains in 15 minutes, and the W595 is just a pain to use because of the unresponsive buttons.

What’s the next mobile mascot of the House of Mo going to be? I don’t know. We shall have to see what phone hangs around long enough in the family to become as loved and treasured as the Sony Ericsson W595 was. Four years is no joke.

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