On the bla-bla day of Christmas, my true love sent to me.. yada-yada, bla-bla, ho-ho, and a box of OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless headphones. I have used the earbuds briefly and it has been easy to decide that they are becoming my daily drivers.

The packaging is as simple and as minimalist as I like product packaging to be. A white box with lots of white space. There is nothing screaming or gesticulating for your attention. Just pure understated elegance and class.

oppo Enco w11 charging case

The OPPO Enco W11 are binaural true wireless headphones. They are also IP55 water and dust resistance rated, meaning I can use them during my workout sessions. Some of the other features and specs include:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 metres
  • In-call noise reduction
  • Intelligent touch area/controls
  • Play/pause music, volume control, answer/end call
  • 40mAh Li-ion battery capacity
  • Charging Pod, with 400mAh capacity, USB-C port
  • LED charging indicator on
  • Auto pairing and auto connection
  • Voice assistant support (dependent on phone model paired with)
  •  HFP, HSP, A2DP, and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles supported.
  • SBS and AAC audio codecs supported.

OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Headphones Review: Pairing and Usage

oppo Enco w11 true wireless headphones

I plugged the earbuds for a while and then took them out of the case. They powered on automatically and began to attempt to pair. My Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro found them and all it took was a tap to pair.

After use, all I have to do is put the headphones back in the case and they disconnect from my phone and sleep. Pluck them out and they connect – all done automatically. Power buttons on Bluetooth headphones need to be proscribed.

To pair them with another phone or device, you need to disable Bluetooth on the former device first, then proceed to pair using the same easy method above.

No Buttons!

My first experience with a Bluetooth headphone that had no buttons was interesting. Initially, it was mostly trial and error to get the right touch for the right function, but I eventually got a hang of it. If you have never used a touch-sensitive headset, it can throw you off at first too, but you just might come to like it.

The OPPO Enco W11 has no buttons too. All controls, including music playback, call management, and volume, are all done via a touch sensitive surface.

Charging is standard fare; there is no fast charging technology here, so it takes 2 hours to charge the earbuds from zero to 100% charge. The same goes for the charging pod/case, which has its own separate battery. But once the carry case is fully charged, you can get up to 5 full charge cycles for the pair of headphones.

The documentation says that the earbuds will run for 5 hours of non-stop music playback at 50% volume.  I have not needed to use them for that long non-stop, so I am unable to verify that.

oppo Enco w11 earbud left

Audio quality is great for media playback. Like the XG-17 TWS, both earbuds can stream audio to you at the same time. That’s what being binaural means. Of course, I can choose to wear and use only one of the two whenever it suits my purpose, for example, when driving or on the road.

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices are great like that because they can transmit the L (left) and the R (right) channels separately and allow you to keep one ear completely free. It is good for personal and road safety.

However for calls, audio quality is more average than great. During phone calls, I often heard some white noise in the speakers, especially in the left bud.

My experience is that the Enco W11 headphones are more suited to media playback than to telephone calls.

I haven’t used the OPPO Enco W11 with a voice assistant, as I have generally stayed away from voice assistants. Perhaps some day, I shall embrace them and put them to use regularly, but for now, my life is good without them.

How to reset OPPO Enco W11

I had an issue once: the earbuds suddenly refused to play media audio – from the music player, from YouTube videos, from social media, etc.

It continued to okay telephone calls audio, but nothing else. I checked the Bluetooth settings on my phone and everything was in order. So, I resorted to a reset, which solved my media playback problem.

To reset OPPO Enco W11 headphones, disconnect them from your phone first, then return both earbuds into their slots in the carry/charging case.

With the case open, press and hold the right bud until the LED indicator on the case flashes red three times.

That’s it. Both earbuds are reset and ready to be paired again.

OPPO Enco W11 Review in summary

oppo Enco w11 earbud in case

This is a good pair of true wireless headphones and I heartily recommend them, if you are in the market for a set of earbuds that look great and deliver a solid media audio experience.

You can buy on Amazon UAE for AED 161, on Amazon India for ₹ 1999, and on Jumia Nigeria for ₦15,000.

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3 thought on “OPPO Enco W11 True Wireless Headphone Review: detailed user experience, how to pair, reset, and more”
  1. I’ve used it for 3 months now with my Oppo A92 and it’s just so perfect. The only challenge is the touch sensitivity is very high, so it sometimes starts playing music while trying to insert it into my ear.

    1. Kaylese,

      Thanks for this feedback. The W11 are superb indeed.

      Headphones with touch controls sure pose a new challenge – that of mistakingly triggering unintended actions. It takes a while to get used to.

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