A report by Chinese website, Finance Sina, allegedly says that Nokia is the first 3rd party manufacturer to embrace HarmonyOS, and this will happen with the upcoming Nokia X60 series.

HarmonyOS is the homegrown alternative to Android OS that Huawei has developed for use in its smartphones. Huawei is looking to drum up support for the OS among other mobile devices manufacturers.

Nokia X60 series to use Huawei harmonyos mobilityarena

The report alleges that the X60 series will include Nokia X60 and X60 Pro, and will be sold in China. Will we ever see them outside of mainland China? Only time will tell.

There are no definite details about the specs of the Nokia X60 series phones, but the grapevine says to expect curved-edge displays, 6,000mAh batteries, and 200MP main cameras. Interesting, we say.

One thing is clear: as an alternative to Android, HarmonyOS will bring in some excitement to the smartphone world in the months and years ahead.

Nokia has been reported, by another source, to have denied the report that it will be using HarmonyOS. The Nokia statement includes the following:

“We know that our users like Nokia phones with Android operating systems, and our commitment to providing the best Android experience remains unwavering.”

As we have seen again and again over the last two decades, time will tell the authenticity of the report. Brands have been known to issue denials, only for same denials to fall flat later. Take the report with a pinch of salt though.

Source, via GizChina.

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