Blogs and social media accounts all over Nigeria are carrying news of an upcoming Nokia Maze Pro Lite, a glossy smartphone with specifications out of fantasy land. It has a 6.2-inch display and is powered by a Snapdragon processor coupled with 12 GB of RAM. Perhaps the most mindboggling specs is the 8500mAh battery.

You may have been excited to hear about the Nokia Maze Pro Lite. A lot of people are. We first came across the news on Nairaland, and it has generated quite some buzz there too. The bad news that we are compelled to bring to you is that this phone is clearly a fake. The design is a bad photoshop job and those specs are cooked up as well. Nokia Maze Pro Lite will never be sold in Nigeria or anywhere else.

Nokia Maze Pro Lite blue

If you have followed HMD Global and Nokia Mobile for years, the name Nokia Maze Pro Lite will immediately strike you as odd. It does not fit into how the company names their smartphones. If it had a name like Nokia 9.5 or Nokia 9.9, this might have been an easier sell even to trained eyes and minds. But the name, Maze Pro Lite, is dead on arrival.

Plus, there is no way an 8500mAh battery will fit into that slim body seen in pictures of the Nokia Maze Pro Lite that are going round. That image is suspect too: it looks like someone took the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max and photoshopped the Nokia logo on it, along with some nice paint jobs.

What About Nokia Maze Pro?

A Maze Pro Lite suggests that there is another phone without the “Lite”, with even more fantastic specifications and features. There is neither a Nokia Maze Pro nor a Maze Pro Lite on the way from HMD Global. Both of these are imaginary phones with names, specs and images cooked up in a random individual’s private studio.

Do not hold your breath for them. If you want a Nokia smartphone flagship with premium specs to wait for, that’s the upcoming Nokia 9.3 PureView. That is a real Nokia smartphone from HMD Global.

Remember the Zzapo Mobile scam? Don’t be scammed again. If you want authetic information about upcoming smartphones and mobile devices, follow authoritiative, time-tested websites like Mobility Nigeria and Mobility Arena.

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