Nokia E7 versus Nokia N8

It seems natural to compare the Nokia E7 with its older sibling, the N8. However, a quick look at the specifications show that while they may have the same engine under the hood (680 MHz processor and GPU on Symbian^3), they are targeted at two different classes of users.

By all means, one is targeted at the business class and the other at the multimedia segment. The E7 lacks the N8’s superb 12 megapixel, autofocus camera, microSD card slot and FM Transmitter, but throws in a bigger ROM, superb 4-inch ClearBlack display and top-notch keyboard.

The E7 is the bigger of the two devices, but I must say Nokia worked a miracle to make it just 13.6 mm thick. As a matter of fact, I believe that the E7 is the thinnest QWERTY slider phone in the market. The N8 without a sliding keyboard is 12.9 mm; the Motorola Milestone 13.7 mm; and the HTC Desire Z 14.2 mm.

The E7’s keyboard has a few neat tricks too that will be highlighted later in one of my reviews. In the meantime, here are a few comparison shots of the top two Symbian^3 devices in the market, the Nokia E7 and Nokia N8.

e7 n8 stacked
e7 n8
e7 n8 thin
IMG 1347

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