Remember Mtel? That was the former mobile wing of the now dead NITEL. The Mtel mobile network has been dead for quite a while – specifically since last quarter 2009, but there has been no word on its status since then. Well, finally, it has been listed as “inactive” on the NCC website along with the following telecoms providers:

  1. Starcomms
  2. Zoom (formerly Reltel)
  3. Intercellular
  4. MTS 1st Wireless
  5. DISC
  6. WiTel
  7. O’net (Odua)
  8. Rainbownet
  9. Monarch
  10. XS
  11. Webcom
  12. IPNX
  13. NITEL
m-tel mobile subsidiary of Nitel

Like Mtel, Intercellular and MTS 1st Wireless have been dead for years and their status shrouded in silence as well. When Zoom and later Starcomms kicked the bucket, both managed to make the news.

What does it mean to be listed as an inactive operator? In effect, an inactive operator’s data is no longer a part of NCC’s calculations in calculating industry data and statistics.

Again, this development only confirms the imminent death of CDMA in Nigeria. Only Visafone and Multilinks, with a combined subscriber base of less than 2.5 million users, are the last CDMA networks standing. The four GSM networks account for 98% of Nigeria’s telephone subscribers.

Mtel is dead, and so are Starcomms, Intercellular, Zoom, MTS 1st Wireless, and others. Oh, and NITEL itself is dead and forgotten as well.


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