If you are hungry for noodles, buy a Lenovo Vibe C

Hunger is a very funny thing. It makes people do unusual stuff. If you have never been hungry before, you would be unable to relate. But Lenovo is capitalising on the hunger in the land. It is a recession after all. Buying a Lenovo Vibe C might be a good way to sort out your hunger. If you fancy noodles, that is.

Feel The Vibe With Noodles

You see, Lenovo Nigeria is running a promo in which everyone who buys a Vibe C gets a special celebration carton of Indomie noodles. Don’t freak out yet. We came close to freaking out too when we first saw it. We all know that noodles is good for holding a rumbling stomach till the real meal arrives.

lenovo vibe C1 promo indomie noodles

We just don’t know how willing you would be to splurge on a smartphone for a carton of Indomie. Still, a promo is a promo. Be a good boy or girl and eat your meal. That’s the spirit. Now, feel free to freak out if you really feel like it.

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