Guaranty Trust Bank’s GTWorld app enticed users with an easier mobile banking experience. But the experience got worse and worse as some features stopped working and errors popped up. Finally, I am letting go and switching back to the old GTBank app.

I was one of those who welcomed the new GTWorld app with excitement in 2017, and I was not the only one. GladChic was just as enthusiastic as others I knew. Finally, here was a mobile banking app with some advanced features. So, I switched from the old GTBank app to the shiny new app.

But the initial excitement soon gave way to complaints as one issue after another cropped up. First on the list for me was how the login animation often took forever to play out while I had to twiddle my thumbs in wait for the app to actually let me in.

Jesus didn’t die for that kind of time wasting.  I’d rather have no animation than have my time wasted like that. The funny thing is that other mobile banking apps – Access Bank’s being an example – had sleek login sequences without the annoying delay. Why has Guaranty Trust Bank been unable to fix this?

GTWorld mobile banking app

GTWorld App Stopped Making Mobile Banking Easier

Somewhere along the line, after an app update, the GTWorld app stopped letting me use my fingerprint to login or confirm transactions. I have set up biometric authentication again and again since that update, with no success. The biometric authentication feature was now useless to me. Sigh.

Not long after that, Guaranty Trust Bank updated the app again and made some changes to the GAPS-Lite side of the app, and suddenly, I could no longer login to GAPS on the app. This went on for weeks. Eventually, after a few app updates, the GAPS-Lite login issue was solved.

Enter Complete Code: What Code?

And now, in the last few weeks, when I try to buy airtime, do a transfer or pay a bill, I get a pop-up alert that says, “You did not enter the complete code. Please generate a new transaction code and try again”.

Code? What code?

gtworld app transaction error

On some days, everything works fine and on others, that alert pops up again and again. I am tired. I have tried. GTWorld app is not working for me any more. Thankfully, the old GTBank app is still available for download in Play Store. Hallelujah!

A few days ago, after d wata pass garri, I switched back to the old app and there has been peace in the land since.

gtworld app by GTBank

For now, the GTWorld app is not making mobile banking easier for me. It has made it very frustrating. If implementing advanced features well is a challenge, we shall stick to more regular features that work well and do not disappoint.

Back To The Past

Yes; 4G technology is better than 3G, but in the odd chance that 3G performs better than 4G (and we have seen some of that), I will gladly default to 3G.

I’d like to live on the cutting edge, but for peace of mind and efficiency, I’d give all of that up and stick with what works. The regular GTBank app works, blessed be the name of the Lord. I hope it stays that way.

Dear Guaranty Trust Bank, fix GTWorld, please. Also, can you stop forcing me to change my GAPS password? If I have a very good password, why force me to change it? I have to sit down to craft another one, along with the chances that I would now forget the new one. Sigh. Please make banking easier.

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