Without looking up from this white page I am typing this on, if you have ever searched for brand new Infinix phones below 25000 naira to buy, I know the results of that search already. You did not find any. It is a fruitless search. You are not likely to ever find any. There are no Infinix smartphones in the entry-level market, and there is a reason for that. 

You will find itel smartphones in that price range. You will find TECNO smartphones in tjhat price range. Even phones from Nokia, Gionee, OLLA, and a number of other brands. But not an Infinix smartphone. Note that while I will generally use the term “Infinix phones” in this article, I am referring to Infinix’s Android smartphones.

There are no Infinix phones below 25000 naira

If you did not already know it, now is a good time for you to learn that Infinix is a sister company to TECNO and itel. They are not competitors. If you buy a smartphone made by one of those brands, your money ultimately goes to the same purse – a company called Transsion Holdings. That is the parent company to TECNO, itel, and Infinix. So you can call the three brands the transsion group.

What a number of people do not know is that these three companies target slightly different demographics of the market. They overlap in some areas, but their focuses are distinct and deliberately so.

TECNO spark 5 colours
TECNO phones overlap from the entry-level end to the upper mid-range bracket of the market

TECNO Mobile is the general-purpose brand of the group. TECNO makes some entry level phones, lots of mid-tier TECNO phones, and some budget premium phones. I use the term “budget premium” loosely, so don’t get hung on the term. Just try to get the picture. Perhaps the picture will look clearer if I use the term upper mid-range smartphones.

What of itel? itel Mobile is targeted strictly at making smartphones for the entry-level market – people who want the most affordable smartphones possible. This is why there are no itel smartphones above ₦50,000. As a matter of fact, before now, there were no itel smartphones above ₦40,000. The present COVID-19 pandemic and economic situations have pushed up the prices.

itel W5504 aka itel P33
itel phones target the low-end of the smartphone market

So, you will find itel Mobile smartphones under N20,000 and you won’t find any above N50,000 under the current circumstances. itel is the budget brand of the Transsion Group. They have only one job: to put smartphones in the hands of people at the bottom of the pyramid, even lower than TECNO phones can reach.

And now we come to the Infinix brand. As already pointed out, you won’t find any Infinix phones below 25000 naira. Actually, it is hard to find an Infinix phone below 30000 naira. Infinix targets the lower and upper mid-range market.

Infinix was created to be the most premium brand under the Transsion Group. That hasn’t quite worked out, as most Infinix smartphones overlap with TECNO phones in terms of features and price. The premium end of the market is a tough place to break into, and other factors too perhaps have contributed to this situation.

Infinix Hot 9 Play - There are no Infinix phones below 25000 naira

So, for now, Infinix makes mid-range smartphones that overlap with TECNO all the way to the upper mid-range end of the market, but does not make low-end smartphones. This is why you won’t find Infinix phones below 25000 naira. The Infinix brand was created to service the premium end, though its devices continue to target the upper mid-range for now.

The cheapest Infinix smartphone in the market costs a little above ₦30,000 and the most expensive is around the ₦100,000 price mark. Unless Transsion changes its strategy sometime in the future, you will be unable to find any brand new Infinix phones below 25000 naira in the market.

If you want a smartphone that costs N25,000 and below, you will have to look at another brand to meet that need. Take a look at itel, TECNO, Nokia, OLLA, Gionee, AfriOne, Doogee, Partner Mobile, and others.

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