Impossidroid is my ideal smartphone; this perfect device does not exist, but if it did…

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The other day, Obinna Egbule was asking us what we really want from our phones. That is a good question because, let’s face it, most times the phone manufacturers only give us what they think we want, not what we really want. We never get our ideal smartphone from them.

One of the first things I look for in a smartphone is the screen size. I know it’s 2013, and bigger seems to be better, but I hate big screen phones. And that’s why I’m stuck with mid-range phones for now because it’s only the big phones that get all the high-end specs these days. Well, Acer have promised us a high-end phone that’s proud to be small. But considering how secretive they’ve been about the specs, I won’t be holding my breath on them.

Acer Liquid ZX is not quite my ideal smartphone

So for me, the ideal smartphone does not exist. But if it did, it would be a hybrid of many of the smartphones in the market right now. That’s wishful thinking, I know, but please indulge me. Allow me to introduce to you the Impossidroid Z13.

The Display

I’ve already mentioned I hate big screens, so the Impossidroid will have:

  • 3.5 inches display with ~300 ppi.
  • Super AMOLED screen type, for that Samsung Galaxy-esque, battery-saving crispness
  • Sapphire glass screen protection (like on the Ubuntu Edge) for that “only a diamond can scratch me” swag.

Operating System and User Interface

The Impossidroid Z13 will run on the latest Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean. I’m tempted to say the UI will be stock Android, but Mr Mo might frown at that idea. So I’m going to go for a hybrid of HTC sense 5, for it aesthetic brilliance, and Ubuntu Phone UI for the simplified user experience. But the notification system would have to be like the Blackberry 10’s Blackberry Hub. As much as I love Android, I’m barely tolerating its notification system.


The Impossidroid will have no less than 2 GB RAM because I hate lag. I like to be able to multitask without having to fight the urge to fling my phone halfway across the room every 3 minutes. But RAM is almost no good without processing power, so it will also have at least a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor.


An 8 megapixel Carls Zeiss lens camera powered by Nokia’s PureView technology should be just perfect; I’m not stuck on the megapixel race.


Would I come off as too shallow-minded if I insisted the Impossidroid’s battery must last as long as a Nokia torchlight phone? Yeah.. I do come off as shallow. But seriously, I’d rather not be quoting milliampere-hours. A smartphone’s battery life is only as good as the software managing it. So yes, I’m sticking with my initial statement.


4G/LTE ready, USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a given. I couldn’t care less for NFC. For me, the real deal is data compression. The Impossidroid will have data compression reminiscent of old school Blackberry. However, visuals must still be as appealing as on Android. Is that too much to ask for; a first world smartphone for third world mobile networks?


I’m of the philosophy that apps run best from internal memory, so I avoid moving them to external memory when possible. I’m not a serial app installer anyway, I tend to keep only what I use. But a lot of free space wouldn’t hurt, it’s quite healthy for your phone. So the Impossidroid will have a minimum of 16 GB internal memory.


Yes, I’m going there. The Impossidroid must be priced like a TECNO – little cash out, plenty of value returned. I don’t care how the phone manufacturer does it, but if it’s more than 35k I’m not buying. 😀 So guys, what do you think? Would you buy my Impossidroid Z13?

Featured image source: Techexif

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