Do you ever feel as though you often forget crucial information when you make or receive calls? You’ll be able to avoid this if you automatically record calls, so you won’t have to worry about missing any essential details.

Recording calls can be beneficial, and if you use a Xiaomi smartphone, the automatic call recording option is the best method for doing it. It’s also a rather simple setup, and you should get it right if you follow the right instructions.

How to Record Calls on Xiaomi phones

This guide will show you how to record calls on Xiaomi smartphones. Follow the instructions properly and you won’t ever have to worry about missing important call details again.

How Can I Record Calls on a Xiaomi Smartphone?

Unlike some popular brands like Apple and Google, it is possible to record calls on Xiaomi devices. This is made possible through a built-in feature, so you don’t need to download any other app or shell out money for it. 

Follow these instructions to record calls on Xiaomi smartphones:

● On your Xiaomi smartphone, launch the Phone app.

● Type in the phone number you’d like to connect to.

● Wait until the call connects.

● To begin recording the current voice call after the call has connected, click the record button on the call screen.

● When the call is disconnected, the phone immediately stops recording the conversation.

● A call recording notification will display when the call finishes, and it will allow you to access all call recordings.

Note that you can also record all calls on your Xiaomi smartphone if you want to, but it will require some configuration adjustments to the Phone app’s settings.

Follow these steps to record all calls on a Xiaomi device:

● On your Xiaomi smartphone, launch the Phone app.

● Once you’re in the Phone app, select the three-line menu in the bottom left corner.

● Click on “Call Recording” from the menu.

● At this point, you need to enable the “Record Calls Automatically” and “Call Recording Notification” options.

● The Phone app can be configured to exclusively record calls from a limited number of specific contacts. Simply tap the “Selected Numbers” option to do it.

● Now click “Custom List.”

● Afterward, select “Add Numbers

● From “Contacts,” “Groups,” or “Recents,” choose all the phone numbers you’d like to record calls for on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Keep in mind that the instructions we’ve provided above for recording calls on Xiaomi smartphones are only applicable to the following Xiaomi devices:

● Xiaomi Mi Series: the Mi 5, 5s, & 5s Plus; the Mi 6; the Mi 8, 8 SE, 8 Lite, 8 Pro, & 8 Explorer; the Mi 9, 9T, 9T Pro, 9 Lite, 9 SE, & 9 Pro; and the Mi 10, 10 Youth, 10 Lite, 10 Pro, & 10 Lite Zoom

● Xiaomi Mi Note Series: the Mi Note 3, Note 10, Note 10 Lite, & Note 10 Pro

● Xiaomi Mi Max Series: the Mi Max 2 & Mi Max 3

● Xiaomi Mi MIX Series: the Mi MIX, MIX 2, MIX 2s, MIX 3, & MIX 3 5G

● Xiaomi Redmi Series: the Redmi 5, 5A, & 5 Plus; the Redmi 6 & 6A; the Redmi 7 & 7A; the Redmi 8, 8A, & 8A Pro; and the Redmi 10X & 10X Pro

● Xiaomi Redmi Note Series: the Redmi Note 7, Note 7s, & Note 7 Pro; the Redmi Note 8 & Note 8 Pro; the Redmi Note 9, Note 9s, Note 9 Pro, & Note 9 Pro Max.

● Xiaomi Redmi K Series: the Redmi K20, K20 Pro, & K20 Pro Premium; the Redmi K30, K30 5G,  K30i,  K30i 5G,  K30 Pro, & K30 5G Racing

● Xiaomi Pocophone Series: the Pocophone F1, Pocophone F2 Pro, & Pocophone X2

In summary, it’s not a hard task to record calls on Xiaomi smartphones. If you ever need to get it done, simply follow the instructions we’ve provided in this guide. Yup

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