Perhaps you own an Infinix smartphone and would like to quick charge it, or perhaps you are considering buying one and would like to be able to quick charge it. There are a few things you need to know in order to be able to quick charge an Infinix phone. 

You already know the benefits of quick charging (or fast charging, if you prefer to call it that): your phone battery charges faster. Note that most fast charging solutions charge your battery faster only for the first 30 to 80% of the process, while the last part of the charging process is at regular charging speed.

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So, you can get 50% battery charge in 30 minutes, for example, and then the remaining 50% takes one and a half hour. See our article, Quick chargers and fast charging: how they work.

How to quick charge an Infinix phone

So, on to the subject of this article. In order to be able to fast charge your Infinix smartphone, the phone itself must have fast charging system built into it by the manufacturer. There are different kinds of quick charge technologies and Infinix often uses Mediatek’s solution called PumpExpress (and labels it Flash Charging). Sometimes though, Infinix also uses Qualcomm’s QuickCharge )in its SNapdragon phones).

If you own an Infinix smartphone, check the documentation, or search through our database, to see if that model has fast charging. If it does not, you will be unable to fast charge it.

If you are still planning to buy an Infinix smartphone, this is the time to research and identify the models that have fast charging and fall within your budget.

The second thing you need to know is that you must have a compatible charger. Your Infinix phone may have a quick charge technology built in, but it also requires a compatible fast charger in order for it to quick charge.

quick charge an infinix phone with a fast charger
To quick charge an Infinix phone, you need a compatible fast charger

Are all quick chargers not compatible?

They are not. They differ depending on the technology in use. Some common quick charge technologies include Qualcomm Quick Charge, Mediatek PumpExpress, USB Power Delivery, OPPO VOOC, etc. They are all different and require different kinds of chargers.

For Infinix smartphones that support fast charging, you need a charger that is compatible with Mediatek PumpExpress or Qualcomm QuickCharge, depending on which solution Infinix used in the phone you have. or want to buy There are some official Infinix fast chargers in the market. They support PumpExpress. There are also 3rd party chargers that support same. Also, you will find 3rd party QuickCharge chargers in the market too.

Be sure to ask and read the labels on the boxes before buying. This is important so you can buy a charger that is compatible with the fast charging standard built into your Infinix smartphone.

Once you have an Infinix smartphone that has fast charging built in and a compatible fast charger, you can quick charge it. If one of those two conditions are not met, you cannot quick charge an Infinix phone.

Note also that there are different fast charging speeds available. Not all fast charging are the same, even with the same technology. For example, PumpExpress 2.0 is faster than PumpExpress 1.0, same way QuickCharge 2.0 is faster than QuickCharge 1.0.

quick charger

How To Quick Charge An Infinix Phone, In Summary

A quick outline of everything this article has said is necessary:

  1. Check to see if your phone model has any fast charging standard built in. Read the info on the sales box. Read the documentation attached. Search here on for the specs of the phone.
  2. If the phone has quick charging, note the type it has – PumpExpress (also branded as Flash Charging by Infinix) or QuickCharge.
  3. Buy a charger that supports which type of quick charging your phone has.

All the best!

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