Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has released the Insternet subscribers data for Q3 2019 i.e. October to December 2019, and it turns out that Globacom, which has touted itself as the grandmasters of data in the country, lost 2 million internet subscribers in that period.

Where did those subscribers go? Mostly to MTN. Some also crossed over to Airtel.

MTN has had the largest mobile wireless footprint in Nigeria for years, but its largely uncompetivie data tariffs kept many subscribers away from using it for data. On the other hand, Globacom had offered the cheapest data plans but subscribers swear that the data was mostly unusable, thanks to poor quality of service.

In the last few months, MTN has introduced data tariffs that match the competitions and this has led to an exodus from Glo. Globacom’s loss is mostly MTN’s gain.

Airtel also benefited from this mass exodus from Glo, but MTN ate most of the missing cheese.


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3 thought on “Globacom lost 2 million internet subscribers in Q3 2019”
  1. If care is not taken, Glo still going to lose a lot me. The only thing they know is how to give to celebrities, but the solution to the poor network is hard for them to do.

  2. This should not come as a surprise.
    Their network is terrible.
    We are not going for cheapest and worst.
    We want cheapest and best.
    Glo should just improve on their services first.

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