Glo Double Data promo is an offer that gives new subscribers on the Glo network 125% bonus on data subscriptions.

The first time a member of the Mobility Nigeria team heard of the offer, it sounded too good to be true. Imagine buying 5GB of data and getting 10GB (more accurately, 11.5GB, but we will come to that later in this guide).

The data comes with no limitations. You can use it during the day and at night for the entire validity period of your subscription.

You can use it on a 4G connection, on a 3G connection, or even a 2G (EDGE) connection. And you can use it directly on your smartphone or via a midi or router. Perfect.

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You Need A Glo Oga SIM

Don’t fret, Glo Oga SIM is a fancy name for a normal Glo SIM card. Yes; every SIM card purchased from Glo is a Glo Oga SIM. But Globacom like to throw around fancy names, so the network also says that the default tariff plan for new subscribers is called BEREKETE. Sigh.

Anyway, the fancy names aside, this double data bonus is part of Glo BEREKETE, and all new customers, who are less than 4 months old on the Glo network, are on BEREKETE by default. If you have been an existing prepaid customers beyond 4 months, you can subscribe by dialing *230#.

Why Do You Need A Glo Oga SIM?

We knew you were going to ask, so we pre-empted you. The double data Promo is open to only new Glo subscribers and is valid for only 3 months of data usage.

That means, if you have an existing Glo subscriber and have used data on your line for more than 3 months, you do not qualify for the double data Promo.

To enjoy it, you have to buy a new Glo SIM card. Yes; it is stress, but we have heard of people who now buy a new Glo SIM card every 3 months just to be able to continue to enjoy this awoof.

We know; awoof dey run bele. It is crazy that people actually out themselves through that stress of getting a new mine every 90 days. Damn.

Anyway, you either join them or you beat them. No; we are not advocating violence here.

Glo Double data Promo with Oga SIM

The thing is that while we call it a double data promo, you don’t get a 100% bonus. You actually get 125%. So, if you buy a 5GB data plan, you actually get 11.5GB data in all. That’s more than double data. But what easy name is there to call that? So we shall stick to calling it double data.


How Glo Double Data Promo Works

Any customer who buys a new Glo SIM is eligible for the promo. Also, existing customers who have never used data on their line will also benefit when they buy data for the first time.

Eligible lines have access to the promo for 3 months or 90 days, after which they get 25% bonus data on all data purchases instead of 125%.

How to activate Glo Double Data

There are two ways you can activate the double data offer – one by using the Glo High Speed Internet (HSI) portal, and the other by dialling a USSD code.

Activate Glo Double data via HSI Portal

  1. Get your new Glo Oga SIM card and put it into your phone.
  2. On your smartphone browser, browse to
  3. Tap on 4G and 3G Mobile.
  4. Scroll down to find the data plan you want to buy, then
  5. Tap on the shopping cart icon and complete the process to buy it.

You will get a confirmation SMS for your data purchase, followed by another SMS confirming your bonus data.

Activate Glo Double data via USSD

  1. Get your new Glo Oga SIM card and put it into your phone.
  2. Dial *777# for the data plan menu, select the plan you want and complete the process to buy it.

You will get a confirmation SMS for your data purchase, followed by another SMS confirming your bonus data.

Don’t forget that you are eligible for the double data bonus only for three months. After that period, you will get only 25% bonus data on your data purchases.

PS: If you are on MTN, check out MTN’s double data offers.

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