I do not need to tell too many tales about how frustrating or annoying it can be when you have a phone with one problem or the other. No one definitely, wants to use a phone with even the least of issues. However, the hard truth is that some, scratch that, most people will encounter some common smartphone problems from time to time in the course of using their device.

When you do have these problems, do not just rush off to the repair store. Often, they can be fixed in seconds by your very own hand. And you would be saving extra cash.

fix common smartphone problems




If your device is lagging or simply not running smoothly or is runnig slowly, it could be as a result of some apps on your device. If you can figure out the app(s) responsible and delete tht would help loads.

Another way is to go to settings and clear the cache of those apps causing your phone to lag (when you have found them and you are sure). That should do it. Dont worry, clearing cache does not ness with how apps run.

If it still persists, you can go ahead and clear the data. That would be you wiping out any sort of progress you have on that app. If the lagging does not stop, you can now go and get your phone checked.



Overheating is one of the most common smartphone problems users encounter these days.

If and when your phone overheats often you can try a special hardware reset combination to use to switch off your phone and put it on again. That is if it has overheated to the point where the phone does not respond to the power button, e.t.c. You would be surprised how important simply restarting your phone is. It could really fix a lot. And it is guaranteed to help reduce overheating.

That is why when some phones overheat to a point, they switch off by themselves. As for the reset combinations, you can find instructions peculair to your phone make and use them to restart the phone.

You battery and charger also play a key role. Be observant: if you notice its the charger, change it. If it is the battery and it is non-removable, then you have to take it to a gadget repair store.

You could also opt to go as far as resetting your whole phone, wiping out all the information it has stored on it.


Bad Network

You’re  probably wondering how, but yes, your reason for having bad reception could be because of your phone. Although most times its actually the network. If you are certain that your phone is the cause of this, you can reboot your phone or turn on Airplane mode and turn it off. That automatically resets your device’s wirless connection.

You could also totally reset your network settings, deleting previous information that has to deal wih networking ,e.g. Wi-Fi, bluetooth, e.t.c.

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Low Phone Storage Space

Running out of space on your phone’s storage is a propably the most common thing amongst these problems. It happens to some smartphones as little as a few days after purchase. Although it all depends on the grade/tier of the phone you are buying.

To clear up space to allow your phone run smoothly, you should go to your settings and clear up the cache for your apps.

By doing that you can reclaim a significant amount of space. It does not affect how the apps work and it does not delete progress or information gained on that app.

As another solution, you could purchase an SD card and transfer your apps and files to that SD card, which will prove really effective in the efficient running of the smartphone. If you do not want to di any of the above, you can also delete apps that you do not have use for or hardly use. They just simply take up space since they dont serve as priority to you.


Your Smartphone Or Apps Crashing

This is one quite a number of people can attest to. It is an issue that can prove to be annoying and a lot of the time, frustrating. If your phone or your apps are crashing, it is either you are running low on space  or your device has been corrupted with a bug from an app or a site, e.t.c.

If and when you find the app, delete it. That’s one way.

You have already gotten a solution to low storage space. You could also reset your phone to factory settings if the above do not work.


Inability To Download Apps

When this happens, the case is usually that your cache somehow got corrupted. Head over to your Google App store and delete your cache and possibly your download history. That should take care of it.


These are all I have for you today. Remember to check your phone’s warranty if the phone is having issues that you didn’t cause. If it is still under warranty, you can take it to the manufacturer or their service centre and have it fixed or replaced for you free of charge.


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