Infinix’s first pop-up selfie camera phone to arrive early 2020

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The first time we heard rumours of the coming launch of the first Infinix smartphone with a pop-up camera was in early 2019. The story was that it would be launched in first half of the year. Of course, that never happened. But once again, the grapevine has rumours of an Infinix smarftphone with a pop-up selfie camera being launched in 2020 floating around.

And this time, we have what looks like official confirmation. Pakistani tech blogs are reporting that CEO of Infinix in the country, Bemjami Jiang, said during a recent interview that the company would be introducing pop-up selfie camera phones in the first quarter of 2020.

motorized selfie camera coming soon

He is quoted as having said:

“Q1 of 2020 will be the most surprising for the camera lovers and Infinix will be introducing Pop-Up selfie camera phones with mind-blowing tech innovations”.

The grapevine says this first Infinix smartphone witha pop-up camera will be the Infinix S5 Pro or Infinix S6. Motorized pop-up cameras began to gain a strong foothold in 2019, as smartphone manufacturers looked for innovative ways to get rid of the display notch on their new products.

first infinix smartphone with a pop-up camera

2020 is just around the corner and the official announcements and launches will start happening. If you are excited already, we know the feeling. It promises to be a great year.


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