TECNO HiOS 14 is the latest version of the custom Android operating system developed by TECNO Mobile for its smartphones. It is based on Android 14, which was released to the public in October of 2023. We have information about the new features of TECNO HiOS 14, as well as which devices are eligible.

HiOS is used in all ranges of TECNO smartphones, from the Spark series, to the Camon series, to the premium Phantom series. HiOS has been in need of a revamp to make it simpler and more intuitive, and it looks like that will come with version 14.

Upcoming features of TECNO HiOS 14

Features of TECNO HiOS 14

Some of the features of the new TECNO HiOS 14 are:

Smart Power Management: This feature includes different power modes, such as Power Saving, Performance, and Balanced Mode, to optimize the battery life and performance of the device. It also offers a smart battery saver that automatically adjusts the settings based on the usage patterns and preferences of the user.

Visually Appealing Clock and Weather Widget Update: This feature introduces new widget types, such as Weather Calendar Clock Combo Card and Dual City Weather Card, that display more information and customization options for the clock and weather widgets. It also adds new themes and animations for the widgets.

Experience Stylish Customizations: This feature allows the user to personalize the device with various themes, wallpapers, fonts, icons, and animations. It also offers a theme store where the user can download and apply new themes from different categories and styles.

Simplified and Intuitive User Interface: This feature improves the user interface of the device with a more simplified and intuitive design. It also adds new gestures, shortcuts, and features, such as screenshots, recording, memory cleanup, and brightness control, to enhance the user experience.

In addition to the above, the update will also bring a AI tips. It will be deployed in stages and extend into the second quarter of 2024.

Which TECNO smartphones will get HiOS 14 update?

TECNO has announced that the HiOS 14 update, based on Android 14, will be rolled out to the CAMON 20 series, which includes the CAMON 20, CAMON 20 Pro, and CAMON 20 Premier 5G smartphones, as well as the latest Phantom models. Here is the detailed list:

  • Phantom V Fold
  • Phantom V Flip 5G
  • Phantom X2 Pro 5G
  • Phantom X2 5G
  • Camon 20 Premier 5G
  • Camon 20 Pro 5G
  • Camon 20
  • Spark 20 Pro+
  • Spark 20 Pro

How to update your TECNO smartphone to HiOS 14

If your TECNO smartphone is eligible for the update, here is how to go about updating it. You do not need to connect it to a PC. Simply have a good internet connection that will accomodate a large download.

To update your TECNO smartphone, go to the phone Settings > System > System update > ONLINE UPDATE. If the update is available, you will get notified and be presented with the option to download it. Once downloaded, approve the installation, after which your phone will restart with the new version of HiOS 14 running on it.

Smartphone released with HiOS 14 operating system

We have looked at the phones that are eligible to be updated to HiOS 14. What of phones that will be (or are) released with TECNO HiOS 14? Here is the list of smartphones with HiOS 14, based on Android 14, operating system:

  1. TECNO Phantom V Fold2
  2. TECNO Phantom V Flip2
  3. TECNO Phantom X3 Pro
  4. TECNO Phantom X3
  5. TECNO Camon 30 Premier
  6. TECNO Camon 30 Pro
  7. TECNO Camon 30 5G
  8. TECNO Camon 30
  9. TECNO Pova 6 Pro
  10. TECNO Pova 6

Other smartphones to be released with TECNO HiOS 14 will be added to this list over time as they are announced and released during the course of the year.

HiOS 14 Update hands-on

We have a few eligible TECNO phones here in the house but none of them has received the HiOS 14 update yet. However, we have one that has received HiOS 13.6 update (which, like HiOS 14, is also based on Android 14), and this might give some insights into what to expect from TECNO HiOS 14.

Our Camon 20 Premier got the TECNO HiOS 13.6 update in December 2023 and we have had time with it. Visually, there is almost no difference to be seen, because a major part of the whole goal of a custom user interface is to maintain a uniform or unified visual interface. HiOS 14 might not look that much different from HiOS 13.6.

From the home screen to the drop-down and notification menu, app icons, and Settings menu, the update brings no visual differences in v13.6. According to the list of features, we expect significant changes in the visual outlook of TECNO HiOS 14, so keep fingers crossed for that.

While our Camon 20 Premier has received the HiOS 13.6 update, Mister Mo’s Phantom V Flip is yet to get it. As at March 2024, many other owners of Camon 20 and Phantom phones also report that their devices have yet to get Android 14 in any form – either as HiOS 13.6 or HiOS 14. TECNO is being slow with things, clearly. But hopefully, they will keep their promise and roll it out to all devices they promised the update for.

It is common for smartphone brands to release new versions of their custom software after the launch of the next generation of smartphones. As such, we expect that the TECNO HiOS 14 update will start rolling out to older devices as soon as new 2024 TECNO smartphones start shipping with the software.

Already, as at December 2023, TECNO had released the Spark 20 Pro+ and the officiallyisted it as shipping with HiOS 14. However, in reality, it shipped with HiOS 13.6. The other members of the Spark 20 series, like the Spark 20C, Spark 20 and Spark 20 Pro, all run on Android 13 with HiOS 13.5 (not even v13.6).

While you wait for TECNO HiOS 14 update to start rolling out to your eligible devices, here is a video review of HiOS 13.6, for your convenience.

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