I had no idea that finding a replacement cable with Lightning Connector for my smartphone would prove tough. I needed to replace my faulty iPhone charging cable as fast as possible and eventually found a 3rd party replacement that is serving me well.

If you remember, I was asking about SIM card locked iPhones siometime last year. I eventually took the plunge and got myself a used, unlocked Apple iPhone 7 from a Nairaland merchant who made me an offer that was too good to turn down.

Apple iPhone 7 in hand

I have enjoyed my iPhone so far. The phone came with an old cable that soon became faulty and I needed to replace it urgently. I was already beginning to experience charging issues because of the faulty cable.

Finding a quality, original iPhone Lightning cable was tough. I ran Google searches and came up with a few alternatives. One of the widely recommended best iPhone charger cables were products by Anker.

Apple iPhone 7 pink back

All the cables I found were available on Amazon or AliExpress, meaning I would have to ship them in and only get them after weeks of waiting. I needed a cable now.

As fate would have it, I am no stranger to Anker, though I had never used their products till now. But I was aware of them because some had been reviewed here on MobilityArena. Mister Mo had mentioned that Swot Solutions is the official Anker retailer in Ikeja, so, I reached out to them to find out if they had any available.

Which Became My Replacement iPhone Charging Cable?

Thankfully, Swot had a model available – the PowerLine II cable and I bought one. Their assurance of a warranty cover for the charging cable helped too, so if there are any issues, I can go back to them.

Anker Power line II cable with Lightning Conductor is the perfect replacement for my faulty iPhone charging cable
Anker Power line II cable with Lightning Conductor is the perfect replacement for my faulty iPhone charging cable

I have been using it for a week now and my iPhone charging problem is gone. It feels like a quality cable that will serve me well. 

This Anker Lightning cable cost me ₦5,000. The testimonies I have read up of Anker cables say they are highly durable. So far,Hopefully so good, this one feels that way. Hooefully, I won’t have any more iPhone charging cable issues for the next few years. Wish me luck.

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