Beware of the BVN Upgrade Fraud, a new SMS scam

According to a message sent by Access Bank to its customers, there is a new SMS scam in town and it seeks to scare users into giving up their details. Called BVN Upgrade Fraud, it works via a scare message sent to a customer (most digital fraud uses scare tactics), saying that their account has been blocked and they need to contact customer care. Of course the number to be contacted is not an official Access Bank number.

These kinds of scams are quite common and one would think that nobody would fall for them any more. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do. Fear is a natural instinct, after all. Access Bank included the format of the BVN Upgrade Fraud text message, and I reproduce it below.

BVN Upgrade Fraud

Dear valued customer, due to BVN system upgrade, your account and ATM card has been blocked. Contact customer care on 089********.

Don’t fall for it. Access Bank will NEVER ask for your account details under the guise of any system upgrade or threaten to block your account or card under the guise of a system upgrade. No bank will, so it doesn’t matter if you are a GTBank, a Zenith Bank or Lagbaja customer. Don’t give out your financial account details.

The BVN Upgrade Fraud scam uses fear

Do not let anyone use fear to pressure you into divulging any sensitive or personal information, whether by telephone, messaging, on social media, or on a website. As a rule, once the message triggers fear in you to act, it is 99.9% a scam. I get contacted by clients who get an email saying that their website email account has been blocked or suspended. It is the same script with different actors. Scam.

Credit: Many thanks to Access Bank for the vital information.

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