Phone Instalment Plan

Sister site to Nigeria’s pioneer and foremost tech blog, Mobility Nigeria, has a device financing service that allows you to pay in installments for the latest phones, tablets and laptops. Our Phone Instalment Plan allows you to make the payment for your phone in two instalments.

Over the years, we have heard people ask, “Where can I buy and pay installmentally in Nigeria?” We are glad to tell you that you can now buy your phones, tablets and laptops and pay in two installments.

Pay in installments for the latest phones, tablets and laptops

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On this service, you can purchase brand new phones, tablets, and laptops and pay installmentally without any security guarantees, and with your payments spread out across 30 days.

On our plan, you may purchase as many phones as you desire each year. However, you can only purchase one at a time. As soon as you complete payment for one device, you can take up another.

Phone Instalment Plan in Nigeria, buy phones, tablets and laptops and pay in installments

Frequently Asked Questions about our Phone Instalment Plan

  1. How do I calculate what I will pay for a phone? The total interest you pay on your phone is 25%. Multiply the selling price of the phone by 1.25 and divide by two to arrive at what you pay for the two instalments. Example: If a phone sells for ₦50,000 in ther market, the Phone Instalment Plan price is ₦62,500. That means you pay two instalments of ₦31,250 each.
  2. Delivery within mainland Lagos attracts a fee of ₦1,000. Outskirts of Lagos attract a delivery fee of ₦2,000. Delivery within Lagos is done within 24 hours of your order.
  3. For orders from outside Lagos: Shipping of your device is via EMS Speedpost (or any available alternative, should EMS be unavailable), and the fee is according to their rates. Also note, that we have no control over delivery periods in this instance.
  4. You need a bank debit/credit card to process your order via Paystack, our payment processor. It will be debited for your first installment and then auto-debited in 30 days for the second installment. We do not accept any other means of payment.

How To Start

Mobility Nigeria’s Phone Instalment Plan is a referral-based membership service. This means that an existing Mobility Nigeria member has to refer you. This is to guarantee that unscrupulous individuals who will take off with unpaid for phones do not get signed on. Contact an existing IPP member and get them to mail in a referral for you. The whole process of vetting and approval takes less than a week.

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