MTN 4G LTE is available already in Lagos, but there’s a catch

If you are resident in Nigeria and follow, you are already aware that MTN Nigeria acquired Visafone, have been migrating subscribers off CDMA to their own GSM network and are rolling out a 4G LTE network using Visafone’s compatible frequency band. You are also already aware that MTN 4G has been tipped for a June launch.


The Search for MTN 4G network

Well, I am delighted to confirm to you that after running some searches for available networks, I can confirm that the MTN 4G network is already available (at least here in Lagos where I ran my searches). Have a look at a crop of a screenshot I made from the search results:

MTN 4G LTE available

The catch is that you can’t connect to MTN 4G and use it yet. But it is there, and it is the only 4G network available among the big four operators. Of course, I am certain that restricted access must be available to testers and the like within the organisation.


We will be in June in some hours, but no-one at MTN that I have spoken to has been able to confirm exactly when the MTN 4G network will be commercially launched. MTN is keeping things under wraps nicely, it seems. We will wait.

When the time comes, it will be interesting to see what performance will be like and how the existing 4G service providers will respond to the giant in the room stepping into the territory.

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