The first time I received an SMS alerting me that I had received your Smartphone Festival data Bundle of 2GB, I wondered whether there hasn’t been a mistake. For starters, I had no idea what Smartphone Festival data Bundle was all about. I had never heard of it before that time. Here is a sample of the SMS:

Dear customer, you have received your Smartphone Festival data bundle of 2GB valid till 02/04/2024. Dial *777# to check your balance.

I get two notification messages, actually. The above is a sample of the first, notifying me of the bundle. The second tells me when it has been activated, but it states w different data size. An example:

CONGRATS ! Your Smartphone_Festival_1.5GB plan has been activated! It will expire on 02/04/2024 03:47.

So, is it 2GB or 1.5GB Smartphone Festival Data Bundle that Glo has been gifting me? Why does it matter? Because each of those bundles have different qualifying criteria, as I shall share below.

My records show that the first SMS alert I got was on the 3rd of October 2023, and I have gotten the alerts monthly since then. So, I started digging. Eventually, I found out what it was and how it worked.

Glo Smartphone Festival

The Glo Smartphone Festival by Globacom Nigeria is an event where customers can purchase smartphones at discounted prices and receive bundled data offers. Here are some key points about the festival:

  • Discounted Prices: Customers can buy various smartphone models at reduced prices.
  • Bundled Data: Depending on the price range of the smartphone purchased, customers can enjoy up to 6 GB of data.
  • Data Benefits: The data benefits range from 500 MB to 2 GB per month for six months, depending on the handset price range.
  • Device Range: The festival includes devices from popular brands like iPhone, Samsung, Infinix, itel, and TECNO.
  • Additional Offers: Purchases may come with free accessories like screen guards, memory cards, and phone covers.

Customers can avail of these offers at all GloWorld outlets nationwide. The data received from the smartphone festival is automatically credited to the customer’s line and can be checked by dialing 1270# or by sending an SMS ‘info’ to 127. Please note that the details provided are based on the latest available information and could be subject to change. For the most current details, it’s best to visit the official GloWorld website or a local GloWorld outlet.

Glo Smartphone Festival Data Bundle

Na net for the Glo Smartphone Festival Data Bundle.

The Glo Smartphone Festival data bundle offers customers who purchase smartphones from GloWorld outlets up to six months of bundled data. Here’s a breakdown of the data benefits based on the handset price range:

  • Less than ₦15,000: No data benefit
  • ₦15,001 – ₦30,000: 500 MB per month
  • ₦30,001 – ₦70,000: 1 GB per month
  • ₦70,001 – ₦150,000: 1.5 GB per month
  • Greater than ₦150,000: 2 GB per month

Additionally, depending on the specific smartphone model purchased, customers can enjoy up to 9 GB of data. For example, purchasing an Infinix Hot 10T with 128GB + 4GB memory at ₦75,600 would come with 9 GB of data.

Please note that these offers are subject to change, and for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s best to visit the official GloWorld website or a local GloWorld outlet.

So which Smartphone Festival Data Bundle am I on? All I had to do to confirm was check my data balance right after the bundle was activated. *777# and other old USSD codes do not work any more; Glo needs to modify their message templates to reflect this. Anyway, I dialled *323# to check my data balance and I got this:

Glo Smartphone Festival Data Bundle balance

Wahala. The balance notifications says it is the 1.5GB bubdle, but the data balance relfectss 2GB data. See, a rose remains a rose even if it called another name. No? So, I am on the 2GB bundle. Simple. That means it was activated for a phone that costs over ₦150,000.

But I still do not know what smartphone I purchased that triggered this. Like I have mentioned earlier, I got my first Smartphone Festival Data Bundles in October 2023. The Camon 20 Premier and itel S23+ both arrived in September 2023. These two phones cost above ₦150,000. Which is it? Wahala be like bicycle. But I really do think it was the itel S23+ that got me this awoof. *wink*

The important thing is that I am enjoying the free data. The Glo Smartphone Festival was initiated in 2020. It looks like it is still running in 2024. Or at least up to 2023. I am getting notices and getting the data, too. I still got one today, and seeing as March 2024 is my 6th month going with it, I am not expecting any more after this month.

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