Google invests in KaiOS; Do we have your attention now?

Google has pulled a surprise move. Rather than go head-to-head against KaiOS, they have invested in it and secured a partnership that will make Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search available to KaiOS users. It sounds like the smart thing to do to me.

Google and KaiOS

Why would the people at Google think it is a good idea that their services are available on a feature phone platform? A little over half of the world’s mobile users are on feature phones, and smartphone adoption has stalled.

KaiOS is already on 30 million phones and more brands are embracing it. With Nokia Mobile now producing KaiOS phones, the platform is bound to record even greater gains.

We have some hands-on insight into KaiOS in our Nokia 8110 4G review. The phone offers 4G LTE internet and hotspot in a feature phone package.

KaiOS and India

India, the current darling hotbed of the mobile world, is where KaiOS is thriving the most. KaiOS recently overtook iOS to become the second largest mobile platform in use in India.

Everyone – including the Chinese, and even Apple – wants a piece of the Indian market. Apple now manufactures two iPhone models in India and plans to add more to the line-up.

As Feature Phones Evolve

Rather than die away, as some predicted, feature phones are evolving and adapting. And emerging markets like India and the African continent will be their core territories.

In 2017, 60% of phones sold all over Africa were feature phones. KaiOS might be a hit too on the continent. 4G LTE and Google services in feature phones is just what the doctor ordered. If Microsoft is smart, they will be drawing plans to get their services on feature phones too.

Google invests in KaiOS

A $22 million Boost

Google’s investment in KaiOS is part of a $22 million injection into the platform. If you had turned up your nose at feature phones and KaiOS, now is a good tine to reconsider. It looks like feature phones have a great future.

Should you be new to KaiOS, we have more detailed information about the feature phone platform in this article, KaiOS: everything you need to know.


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