Windows Phone 8

I pick up a Lumia 610, or 800, or 920. These are well made devices, physically speaking. They look and feel good. I love the Tiles (Dead or Live) on the home screen of these devices. Of course, Live is better. I love the fluid transitions, and how everything just flows. The Windows Phone user interface is simple and superb.

What Exactly Is Driving Me Crazy Then?

Using any of the above devices, or any other Windows Phone smartphone, whether it is running version 7, 7.5, 7.8 or 8, there is no option to fix the connection speed to 3G-only mode. I am left with the options of EDGE-only or auto-switching between EDGE and 3G. Here is the problem: on EVERY single WP smartphone that I have used, when in auto network mode, the OS tends to prefer 2G to 3G. The phones spend so much time on 2G and stray into a 3G signal once in a blue moon.


Imagine yourself trying to download a 4MB app from MarketPlace or to stream audio/video, and Windows Phone is comfortable locking you on EDGE. Frustrations unlimited! Simply put, as long as Windows Phone does not let me choose 3G-only mode, it is for the most part useless to me.

Meanwhile, on a Nokia 808 PureView running the late Belle OS, a Samsung Galaxy Note II running Android OS, or a BlackBerry 9320 running BlackBerry OS, fixing my mobile data connection to 3G-only is a small and easy feat. No hassles. So, I can enjoy good speeds whether I am merely tweeting, chatting, managing my LinkedIn connections, or downloading and streaming stuff.

Too bad that Windows Phone is like this, because while I love the UI, this limitation keeps making it difficult for me to get internet-connected tasks done hassle-free. As a matter of fact, it is driving me crazy. As such, I am giving up on Windows Phone till this issue is addressed. Of course, I am not the only one with this resolve. People keep telling me that they will not get a Windows Phone because of this issue alone. An option for 3G-only mode cannot be too hard for you to implement. No; it cannot be.

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