There has been quite a few upheavals in the smartphone ecosystem bloodbath in recent times. Google discontinuing support for Exchange Active Sync was the most recent. Now, we have news that WhatsApp, the popular IM/chat service that has been hailed as the alternative to SMS, will not be available for BlackBerry OS 10. According to an email from the WhatsApp team, “We have no plans to support BlackBerry 10 at the moment, sorry.”

That is not good news for BlackBerry OS 10. Not good at all. Of course, I am convinced that if BlackBerry OS 10 gains traction and builds enough numbers, the WhatsApp development team will have a re-think. But for now…. Make no mistake about it, this is a big issue. Lots of smartphone users live by WhatsApp and are not likely to adopt a platform without that service. Or perhaps, a number will not mind buying and using a BlackBerry 10 smartphone as a backup device. Perhaps.

Going Forward

Can RIM do anything about this? I believe so. How about paying the WhatsApp team to develop for the BB OS 10 platform?

BlackBerry Users!

If you are a current BlackBerry user and was looking forward to OS 10 smartphones, what is your reaction to this news? Do you still intend to purchase one?


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