I have been waiting for the v113.010.1508 software update for my Nokia 808 PureView for over a month now. Every other day, I hook up the dude to my PC and run the update check. Your device has the latest firmware. Or something like that. Lie! It doesn’t.

Now the Windows 7.8 update has been rolling out for a few days already and every day, when I hookup the Lumia 610 to check, I get pretty much the same message.

I remember waiting for months for an update for the HTC One X too. Hellish wait. Probably the fastest updates I ever got were those for the BlackBerry PlayBook. 24 hours maximum, and I had my fix.

Why do I have to be such a geeky person? This obsession with updates cannot be a good thing. After all, it isn’t like the phone will be able to time travel or do something really amazing like that after the updates. I need a life outside of mobiles. Some therapy too, maybe. In all probability, many of you reading this need one too.

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