Imagine a touchscreen phone that has a lost phone tracking ability, threaded SMS, multiple 3 wallpaper skins for customization with widgets, and is pre-loaded with internet settings of most African mobile networks, including our own MTN and ZAIN (now Airtel).

It comes with a few apps – Snaptu, Opera Mini 4.2, MSN chat, Yahoo Messenger, a bible, mMail and a Skype app (which I think is a senseless move, as the phone is not a 3G phone, but has only GPRS/EDGE).

The music platform is powerful, with so much graphics display, you just want to be looking at it. Once you add music files to the music folder, it autoupdates. The 3.5 mm audio jack allows me to play my favourite tracks through my car audio system.

It comes with a 3 megapixel camera, with a photo editing suite. You can remove redeye and put captions on the picture being edited. You can import clip arts from the internet to the clipart folder.

It has push email capabilities, though I have not been able to configure this on the phone. I use Etisalat easycliq and a Glo SIM to do my internet browsing (oh least I forget, it’s a dual SIM phone, and both SIMs are usable for internet connectivity).

This is also a java phone, though certain java apps would not launch. An attempt to install lots of java apps on the phone causes it to freeze and black. As such, I decided to stick with just 2 or 3 apps above the preloaded ones.

Part of the fun of owning a new phone is the initital period of exploration. It took me about an hour to find out that the menu has 2 interfaces. You have to swipe to slide out the second one. I also fond out that it has 2 charging ports – one via USB and the other a Nokia-like pin charger port. This translates to never being stranded when it comes to charging.

This phone can be used as a modem. Also, just plugging in the USB cable to a computer opens up the internal storage (11MB) and the external storage (2GB) in your PC explorer. The phone comes with a 13-month warranty – and it works (I have confirmed this with the major dealers in my locality). The manufacturers have a very strong presence in Lagos.

Having used the phone for over 2 months, I would rate it 8 out of 10, especially for a phone that cost under 12k.

I have just introduced to you the Tecno T9 mobile phone.

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