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Yahoo acquires Aviate, the intelligent Android homescreen

Posted by Moverick on January 08, 2014  /   1 comment
Aviate home

Yahoo has further stepped up its mobile drive with the acquisition of Aviate, an intelligent homescreen app for Android OS. What Aviate does is that it automatically organizes your apps on your homescreen based on your usage, so you get to information faster. It also changes what it presents to you during different times of […]

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Mobility eats the Apple for $500b

Posted by Moverick on June 10, 2013  /   9 comments

Not quite long ago, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for the sum of $1.1b. To digress a bit, I am not sure why anyone would buy a tumbler for $1m, much less $1b. I mean, a glass cup?! Is it laced with diamonds and pearls? Anyway, a few hours ago, I also read of Google buying Wave […]

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Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Chat now powered by Yahoo

Posted by Mobility PR on April 07, 2011  /   4 comments

If you are a user of Ovi Mail, Nokia has announced that the service is now powered by Yahoo!, and the process of migrating Mail users to the new experience has started. With Yahoo! now powering Ovi Mail and Chat, users get a faster and more powerful Mail experience with new features that make your […]

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Behold the Yahoo Phone

Posted by Moverick on September 26, 2010  /   9 comments

Well, well, welll. What do you know? Turns out there’s a Yahoo phone? I ran into an article on Wap Review that carried news of the device. From the article: Yahoo VP of Product Management Irv Henderson revealed the existence of a “Yahoo phone” which is now available now in Indonesia. The Alcatel branded Yahoo […]

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Full Internet now available for Zain Prepaid Subscribers

Posted by Moverick on March 27, 2009  /   63 comments

I am not sure why, but articles on Zain Mobile Internet are extremely popular on Mobility Nigeria. As a matter of fact, the top two items in terms of page views on this site are about Zain Mobile Internet. Perhaps, part of the reason for their popularity can be attributed to the elusiveness of full […]

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Essential Third Party S60 Applications

Posted by Dayo Olutunfese on March 24, 2009  /   9 comments

Here is my list of applications that are absolutely important that I install on any s60 device I purchase. The rather interesting thing about my list is that it features apps that are absolutely free. Here is my list in no particular order of their importance to me, along with my commentary on each application. […]

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