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The New Power User’s Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note II

During the era of the Communicator, power users who didn’t want one usually picked up a Pocket PC form factor device. In this new dispensation of the touchscreen, that form factor appears to have risen to the top spot that Communicators used to occupy. A mobile ice age has come and gone, and the Communicator is extinct. For some years now, there has been no device that made power users drool – a device that stood head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of specs and functionality. Thankfully, such a device is now here.

Wp7S: No multi-tasking; no side-loading; no copy-and-paste

WMExperts have published news items confirming the following about WindowsPhone 7 Series: 3rd party apps cannot run in the background; only apps from Microsoft can Sideloading: the only way for consumers to get apps on Wp7S is to get them through marketplace No copy-and-paste Silverlight not available in Internet Explorer mobile, though Silverlight is built…

OpnMarket for free WinMo apps is a website that has been providing freeware for Windows Mobile devices for years. Now, the people behind that site have developed an alternative app store to Microsoft’s own Marketplace for Mobile on Windowsphones. From the site: OpnMarket is compatible with most of the Windows Mobile Professional devices with touch-screens, once installed it…