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Sony Ericsson 'Jolie'

Sony may make Windows Phone smartphone this year

After walking away from Microsoft’s mobile OS, there are rumours indicating that Sony may produce a Windows Phone smartphone this year. The electronic giant was one of those initially committed to Windows Phone and had a working prototype already, named Sony Ericsson ‘Jolie’. Here are pictures of Jolie (I almost typed “Angelina” too): You can […]

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The world of mobiles

The Smartphone World Is So Boring Right Now

Yes; the smartphone world is so boring right now. This statement may come as a shock to those of you who belong to the iOS-Android generation, and this is all that you have seen. But once upon a time, there was a smartphone world with lots of excitement. We had Symbian UIQ, Symbian S60, Symbian […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note II

The New Power User’s Smartphone

During the era of the Communicator, power users who didn’t want one usually picked up a Pocket PC form factor device. In this new dispensation of the touchscreen, that form factor appears to have risen to the top spot that Communicators used to occupy. A mobile ice age has come and gone, and the Communicator is extinct. For some years now, there has been no device that made power users drool – a device that stood head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of specs and functionality. Thankfully, such a device is now here.

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A migration path – the crucial key

Expectedly, Emmanuel Olalere’s recent article, Had Nokia chosen Android, has generated a lot of buzz. Many people are passionate about Nokia’s fortunes, as well as the fantasy of Android on Nokia phones these days. That is no surprise. However, most people miss out on one crucial factor to an old player succeeding in an evolving […]

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Microsoft Kin – Another fragmentation of Windows Phone

In the beginning, we had Windows Mobile. Then came along Windows Phone 7 and we thought that was all. But almost everyone forgot Microsoft’s earlier acquisition of Danger, the company behind the Sidekick phones. What Microsoft has done now is create a new Windows® Phone designed specifically for people who are actively navigating their social […]

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Microsoft drops the ‘Series’ and keeps the ‘Windows Phone 7′

In a tweet today, Microsoft announced that they are dropping the “series” in the name of the new version of their mobile OS. Now, its just Windows Phone 7. Yes; what were they thinking before? Anyway, all’s well that “ends” well. Windows Phone 7 is good enough. We can abbreviate it to WP7 too whenever […]

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Microsoft policy in Windows phone 7 Series

It is good to appreciate Microsoft and the windows phone 7 seeming anomalous marketing. It’s no one’s secret that windows mobile phones have been doing badly in sales as of recent. With the advent of the iphone and android in the mobile phone world, the fortunes of the windows mobile have been dwindling even further. […]

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