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Photo: Here is what the new Innjoo UI looks like

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on January 20, 2015  /   no comment
Innjoo new UI

A leaked photo shows a new user interface that Innjoo’s design team are working on for their Android devices. Here is what the existing Innjoo UI looks like: Here is what the supposedly new UI looks like: It looks like it borrowed a leaf from Android L’s Material Design. There is no confirmation of when […]

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The Android User Interface Can Be Sexy Yet

Posted by Moverick on April 24, 2013  /   6 comments
android logo

We live in an age of sexy mobile user interfaces. Think of the new kids on the block, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. While Android is the most functional mobile OS by far, it’s UI is just there. I am not a big fan of Android’s user interface. It used to be really ugly before […]

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JollaMobile’s Twitter followers hit over 7,000 from 200

Posted by Moverick on July 10, 2012  /   3 comments

Jolla is the new company founded by ex-Nokia MeeGo team members to keep the legacy of MeeGo OS alive. The announcement of the new company went live on friday. Taking a look at the company’s twitter profile, the twitter account has been active since February 16, 2012, whicch means that this initiative had been in […]

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Be Careful What You Ask For – Fancy User Interfaces Et Al

Posted by Moverick on March 12, 2012  /   9 comments

You know the saying, be careful what you ask for. Symbian and Blackberry used to be known for their resource efficiency in terms of both power and data consumption. Along came the new kids on the block, iOS and Android, and after having a taste of the fancy user interfaces on those platforms, lots of […]

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Verzo UI attempts to improve the Android experience

Posted by Moverick on November 14, 2011  /   28 comments

While Android has its strengths, I am not a fan of the Android user interface or of its resource hogging. The two might be tied together; who knows? A Europe-based company believe that they have the answer to Android’s less-than-inspiring UI. A quote from them in introducing Verzo UI: We are not the only developer […]

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Before you accuse your mobile of being sluggish

Posted by Moverick on October 19, 2011  /   17 comments

I have used scores of phones in the course of my work here at The Mobility Company. The Nokia N9, which I currently use, is number 67. I also have a SIM card for every GSM network in the country, so I am able to interchange SIMs in each and every one of the phones […]

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What is user-friendly for you may not be for me

Posted by Moverick on July 29, 2011  /   31 comments

For the regular guy who commutes within the city, an automatic transmission is Godsend. Minimal effort. Maximum returns. driving through traffic lo9gjams suddenly becomes a whole lot less stressful. There is none of that old school clutch-brake-clutch-move cycle to follow. All other things being equal, the driving user experience with an auto transmission vehicle is […]

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From Raw Features to Great User Experience: the Consumers Vote

Posted by Moverick on May 26, 2009  /   no comment

Many years back, it was enough for consumers that a phone could do everything including clean the kitchen sink. But somewhere along the line, something changed. What changed was that the consumers began to appreciate the value of a polished and user-friendly interface above raw power and features. And they’ve been voting with their money […]

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