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Nomad 4000mAh super slim power bank

And the winner of the Nomad Super Slim power bank is…

About two weeks back, MOBILITY Blog and NOMAD Charger launched a competition to determine the winner of a 4000 mAh Nomad Super Slim power bank. To win, participants were required to identify the smartphone below: The response with the greatest amount of detail would take the prize home. NOMAD Charger were also generous to provide […]

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Symbian Is Dead. Long Live Nokia Belle!

Part One: Primary, Secondary, Belle? I have always wondered what Nokia meant when they said that they were adopting Windows Phone as their “primary smartphone platform”. Why “primary” if there is no secondary? Right? Also, why have they gone through the trouble of renaming “Symbian” to “Nokia Belle” if this is the end of the […]

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