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X Software Platform: How Nokia wed Microsoft and Google

Nokia X

Nokia has done the unthinkable – joining arch-rivals, Microsoft and Google, in holy matrimony. The matrimony is holy because the AOSP terms and conditions expressly allow this to be done (ask Amazon), and Microsoft can’t complain, seeing that their services get front-row seats. Here is how it works. Take Google’s Android Opens Source project and…

New Mediatek MT6595 flaunts eight CPU cores, 4G LTE for mid-range phones

MediaTek chipset

Mediatek has gone stark raving mad. Soon, you will not need a high-end smartphone to get the best performance possible. Chip maker, Mediatek, have announced a newocta-core chip at a fraction of the cost. Besides good performance on your mid-range smartphone, you also get improved battery usage. An excerpt from a news report: The real…

The GSMArena Smartphone Champions League grand final is a Windows Phone affair

So that’s that then – the big day has finally come. 32 smartphones, 30 games and just over 1 million votes have lead to this moment – the grand final of the Smartphone Champions League held its first ever smartphone champions league, pitching 32 smartphones against one another, and eliminating devices in round after round of public voting. The grand final is here, and the last two devices standing are both powered by Windows Phone OS. It is almost shocking to see how the “underdogs” got to this spot.…