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MediaTek chipset

8-core Chipset Now Available To PlirisMobile

Recently, an 8core Chipset was made available to @PlirisMobile…. A few (extremely few) developers are developing apps that support features found in 8core Chips.. The chip in question enables all eight cores to work simultaneously and supports up to 16-megapixel cameras with Ultra-HD support on the H.264 spec. In addition to its higher power and […]

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Dual-SIM phones are for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes…

CNET has an article covering a rumour about the likelihood of Nokia and HTC working on producing dual-SIM Windows Phone smartphones, kicking off the article with the following tongue-in-cheek line: Nokia and HTC could be about to make life easier for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes with dual-SIM smart phones. I had no idea that these […]

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10 (or so) geeky ways to wow your girlfriend on her birthday

I always thought I was the perfect boyfriend. Never turn to look at other girls. Never chat for more than 2 minutes with a female friend. Always call her first. Don’t let your phone ring twice before you pick her calls. Never get angry…and the list goes on. But one of the most important rules […]

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