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Gallery: The 26 Nokias of Mister Mobility

Posted by Moverick on April 25, 2014  /   8 comments

As part of my tribute to Nokia, I thought I’d do a post listing all the Nokia phones that I have ever owned. Incidentally, Nokia was not my first mobile phone. That honour belonged to Motorola. But from the moment that I set my eyes on the Nokia 3310 and the 9210 Communicator, I fell […]

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The life of a mobile prostitute

Posted by Moverick on February 25, 2014  /   3 comments
The world of mobiles

Every time a manufacturer sends me a phone for review or just for a private spin, I get a flurry of comments from friends and acquaintances. Whether it is a TECNO, a BlackBerry, Pliris, SOLO, or a Nokia, the arrival of a new phone in my hands mean that I get to laugh hard for […]

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Why does my phone get hot during use?

Posted by Moverick on February 17, 2014  /   2 comments
Flame on

Incoming question: @Mister_Mobility Morning sir. Please why does my BB battery heat up crazily? Just like that. There something I can do? — Callings… (@CollinsUma) February 17, 2014 All mobile devices generate some heat during regular use. This is a normal phenomenon. If you are on a long telephone call or using mobile internet, or […]

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A whole range of mobile experiences

Posted by Moverick on January 03, 2014  /   no comment
Sony Ericsson T230

I am amused when people see me with a budget smartphone. Their immediate reaction is to wonder what I am doing with such a lowly device. I find it amusing because my interest in mobile has nothing to do with a desire to own expensive or rich toys. My interest is based on a love […]

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8-core Chipset Now Available To PlirisMobile

Posted by PlirisMobile on December 01, 2013  /   no comment
MediaTek chipset

Recently, an 8core Chipset was made available to @PlirisMobile…. A few (extremely few) developers are developing apps that support features found in 8core Chips.. The chip in question enables all eight cores to work simultaneously and supports up to 16-megapixel cameras with Ultra-HD support on the H.264 spec. In addition to its higher power and […]

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Yes; Following Mister Mobility Can Mess With Your Head

Posted by Moverick on November 19, 2013  /   3 comments

This morning, someone tweeted something about the problem she has with following me on Twitter. She has a point. A very good point. Following me – on Twitter or in real life – can be a traumatic experience. Here is her tweet: Following @Mister_Mobility is another issue I have. You won't be sure of phone […]

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How my phone serves as a boredom metre

Posted by Moverick on October 16, 2013  /   2 comments

It is the world’s worst kept secret that I love mobile phones. Different types. The ones you love and the ones you hate. I love to play with them and do stuff on them. Lock me in a room with a handful of phones, and I am in Nirvana. However, what many people may not […]

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Dual-SIM phones are for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes…

Posted by Moverick on October 12, 2013  /   1 comment

CNET has an article covering a rumour about the likelihood of Nokia and HTC working on producing dual-SIM Windows Phone smartphones, kicking off the article with the following tongue-in-cheek line: Nokia and HTC could be about to make life easier for adulterers, bigamists and superheroes with dual-SIM smart phones. I had no idea that these […]

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The top 14 phone makers worldwide in 2013

Posted by Moverick on August 30, 2013  /   5 comments

I ran into an article on top 14 phone makers over at PhoneArena, and thought enthusiasts, geeks and fan boys and girls here will be interested in it. Below is the list of the top 14 phone makers globally by percentage of overall phones shipped: 1. Samsung – 27% 2. Nokia – 15% 3. Apple […]

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4 tips for picking your next phone

Posted by Tope Olofin on August 21, 2013  /   6 comments

This is going to sound absolutely absurd, but I actually get a lot of my inspiration from a fashion blogger. And for a while, I assumed that I had beaten her at the 5 ways, 5 strategies, 5 tips….you know drill. Then out of the blues I decided to write an article every single work […]

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