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Your Phone Isn’t Mobile If It’s Plugged Into A Wall


Motorola’s media campaign about the battery performance of the RAZR MAXX captures my very sentiments. One key line says, “Your Phone Isn’t mobile If it’s Plugged Into A Wall”. Superb! Motorola has been setting the pace for battery performance on Android smartphones in recent times. Forget the iPhone. Forget Samsung’s Galaxy range (including the S…

The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s Battery Life Entices Me!

Samsung Galaxy note battery test

That’s what I’m talking about! The test results put the Galaxy Note II a close second after the RAZR MAXX in terms of power management. Well, you know, if you miss gold, silver cannot be so bad. Besides battery life, it will be nice to try out one of these new generation styli. I have always loved having and using a stylus. My last mobile with a stylus was the HTC Touch Pro2 back in 2010.

How to design touchscreen devices that don’t look and act like the iPhone

Nexus range

The verge has an informative article on How Android has evolved while steering clear of Apple’s designs. The Verge’s observations reinforce the points that I made in my earlier articles, Aping Apple – Stupid, stupid mobile manufacturers and The Apple patent win will enhance innovation, not stifle it. Here is an excerpt from The Verge:…