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Motorola is now a Lenovo company

Posted by Oluseyi on November 01, 2014  /   1 comment
Motorola - Lenovo

Lenovo recently announced its acquisition of Motorola from Google a few days back, which means Motorola is now officially a “Lenovo company”. The deal which happened in January cost the computer technology company $2.91 billion. And Motorola had this to say on its official blog: “Today, Motorola Mobility becomes part of the Lenovo family of […]

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Is your Android smartphone getting Lollipop? Find out here!

Posted by Moverick on October 17, 2014  /   4 comments
Android Lollipop update

Android 5 Lollipop is the next generation of Android OS. I know Android fans and enthusiasts are itching to find out if their current devices will be getting the Lollipop treatment. Here is a compilation of available information about devices that will get the Android 5 Lollipop update. Samsung Samsung is yet to announce which […]

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The injustice of HTC’s dilemma

Posted by Moverick on July 08, 2014  /   5 comments
HTC One M8 front top

HTC makes great smartphones. From their days producing devices for others till the present when it is churning out Desires and Ones under its own brand name, HTC devices are some of the finest on the planet. Yet, the small company keeps struggling to stay afloat. In just world, HTC would be smiling to the […]

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Google, Motorola and Lenovo: Sneaky

Posted by Moverick on February 07, 2014  /   1 comment

The summary Google buys Motorola. Lenovo buys Motorola from Google. Google buys stake in Lenovo. The details As part of the deal to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion, Google will also be receiving a 6% stake in Lenovo. That 6% stake is worth $750 million. Honestly, Google is sneaky. Letting go without really […]

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Lenovo buys Motorola off Google

Posted by Moverick on January 30, 2014  /   2 comments
Lenovo IdeaPhone A60

Chinese PC and smartphone giant, Lenovo has agreed to buy Motorola’s mobile devices business off Google for the sum of $2.91 billion. Lenovo is the world’s number 5 smartphone manufacturer. The deal is subject to approval by both U.S. and Chinese authorities. While the US has been wary of Chinese companies acquiring US businesses, this […]

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Motorola Has Got A Winner With The Moto G

Posted by Moverick on November 14, 2013  /   7 comments
Motorola Moto G

Finally, Motorola is on to something. Perhaps they have learnt a thing or two from observing players Nokia and TECNO? Now picture a phone with the following specs: A 4.5-inch HD display with Gorilla Glass 3 The newest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor featuring a 1.2GHz Cortex quad-core CPU Android 4.3 Jellybean, the most up to […]

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Larry Page talks about the future of mobile phones

Posted by Moverick on April 20, 2013  /   1 comment

Talking about Motorola, Google CEO, Larry Page had the following to say as part of his remarks on the company’s 2013 Q1 earnings call: In today’s multi-screen world, the opportunities are endless. Think about your device. Battery life is a challenge for most people … you shouldn’t need to carry a charger around with you […]

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Your Phone Isn’t Mobile If It’s Plugged Into A Wall

Posted by Moverick on December 24, 2012  /   9 comments

Motorola’s media campaign about the battery performance of the RAZR MAXX captures my very sentiments. One key line says, “Your Phone Isn’t mobile If it’s Plugged Into A Wall”. Superb! Motorola has been setting the pace for battery performance on Android smartphones in recent times. Forget the iPhone. Forget Samsung’s Galaxy range (including the S […]

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Windows Phone Hasn’t Been Impressive With Power Management

Posted by Moverick on November 24, 2012  /   5 comments

Some days ago, I published an article on 2012’s smartphones with the best battery life. We lost that article in a recent maintenance procedure, but I am putting it back together again. A fallout of my research for that article was that the available statistics show that Windows Phone hasn’t been impressive in power management. […]

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