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Lenovo buys Motorola off Google

Lenovo IdeaPhone A60

Chinese PC and smartphone giant, Lenovo has agreed to buy Motorola’s mobile devices business off Google for the sum of $2.91 billion. Lenovo is the world’s number 5 smartphone manufacturer. The deal is subject to approval by both U.S. and…

The Samsung Galaxy Note II’s Battery Life Entices Me!

Samsung Galaxy note battery test

That’s what I’m talking about! The test results put the Galaxy Note II a close second after the RAZR MAXX in terms of power management. Well, you know, if you miss gold, silver cannot be so bad. Besides battery life, it will be nice to try out one of these new generation styli. I have always loved having and using a stylus. My last mobile with a stylus was the HTC Touch Pro2 back in 2010.

Android Custom Skins

Different Custom Skins

Majority of manufacturers who use Android on their devices load it up with their own custom skin atop the default Android interface. Samsung, a major player in the Android race loads Touchwiz on their devices. Other major interfaces by manufacturers…