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After Belle, Symbian gets Donna and Carla (Dual Core CPUs)?

Posted by Moverick on November 17, 2011  /   13 comments

In my opinion, Nokia has done a smashing job bringing Symbian up to Belle. Belle is a smashing OS version and brings the UI aspect of Symbian up to date. However, it is looking like there is life after Belle. According to supposedly leaked documents, Symbian may be getting two more updates after Belle, as […]

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Global smartphone marketshare by OS in Q3 2011

Posted by Moverick on November 16, 2011  /   9 comments

Gartner has released figures of global phone and smartphone sales for Q3 (July/Aug/Sep) 0f 2011. A few nuggets from Gartner’s report Worldwide sales of mobile devices totaled 440.5 million units in the third quarter of 2011, up 5.6 percent from the same period last year. Despite a drop in market share, Nokia continued to be […]

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An Overview of Mobile Malware

Posted by Oluwatobi Soyombo on November 10, 2011  /   6 comments

This Infographic has been flying around the internet for some time now. It’s about mobile malware, it’s sources and how to protect your devices from being infected by them. I thought it’s worth sharing. Source: BullGuard

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RIM announce Blackberry BBX for smartphones and tablets

Posted by Moverick on October 19, 2011  /   2 comments

RIM has unveiled BlackBerry BBX, its next generation mobile platform that takes the best of the BlackBerry® platform and the best of the QNX® platform to connect people, devices, content and services. BlackBerry BBX is the next generation platform for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. In other words, there will be only one OS for both […]

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Windows Phone Mango impressions

Posted by Moverick on October 05, 2011  /   6 comments

I have been playing with the HTC HD 7 running Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) for about a week now. I am not ready to write any conclusions, but for those of you who are salivating, here are some of my impressions of Mango. Improved Live Tiles The Live Tiles on the homescreen have been improved. […]

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Hey! …Something is stealing your data…!

Posted by Ibukun Olaoya on August 05, 2011  /   15 comments

Progressively more people are adopting smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet. These ’toys’ are getting embellished with gargantuan volumes of memory. They are no longer ‘playthings’. These devices are gradually performing lots of roles that our computers used to perform in the recent past. With increasing dependence on these devices, as well […]

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Where the mobile application stores stand (Updated)

Posted by Moverick on July 26, 2011  /   10 comments

I thought it would be a good idea to present the status of the various mobile application stores at a glance for your convenience: Apple App Store: 425,000 applications Android Market: 250,000+ applications Nokia Store: 50,000 applications Blackberry App World: 38,000+ applications Windows Marketplace: 27,500 applications Bada apps in Samsung Store: 13,000+ applications WebOS Store: […]

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How much memory is enough memory?

Posted by Ibukun Olaoya on July 26, 2011  /   15 comments

I have been using the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic for close to two years now. This is one device that I have used to near destruction. It is packed full of really useful applications that I use on a day-to-day basis. Some of these applications I would not want to do without. It is the primary […]

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Smartphone OS and Battery Life

Posted by Moverick on June 06, 2011  /   25 comments

It is fast becoming the age of the smartphone. Smartphones are selling like hotcakes and taking more bites out of phone sales statistics. Still, one sore issue that is observed is that of battery life. What do we expect? 4-inch touchscreen displays, always-on data, multi-tasking, +1GHz processors and a host of other features all mean […]

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Nokia and Microsoft sign definitive agreement ahead of schedule

Posted by Mobility PR on April 21, 2011  /   1 comment

Espoo, Finland and Redmond, US – Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement on a partnership that will result in a new global mobile ecosystem, utilizing the very complementary assets of both companies. Completed ahead of schedule, the definitive agreement is consistent with the joint announcement made […]

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