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Global smartphone marketshare by OS in Q3 2011

Gartner has released figures of global phone and smartphone sales for Q3 (July/Aug/Sep) 0f 2011. A few nuggets from Gartner’s report Worldwide sales of mobile devices totaled 440.5 million units in the third quarter of 2011, up 5.6 percent from the same period last year. Despite a drop in market share, Nokia continued to be […]

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RIM announce Blackberry BBX for smartphones and tablets

RIM has unveiled BlackBerry BBX, its next generation mobile platform that takes the best of the BlackBerry® platform and the best of the QNX® platform to connect people, devices, content and services. BlackBerry BBX is the next generation platform for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. In other words, there will be only one OS for both […]

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History repeats itself – Fragmentation from Symbian to Android

How many of you here remember Symbian UIQ, Symbian S60, and Symbian S80? These were the three branches of the Symbian OS some years back. While all Symbian at the core, they were different in capabilities and user interface. Oh, and Symbian S60 alone had some further fragments – S60 3rd Edition (feature pack 1, […]

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Hey! …Something is stealing your data…!

Progressively more people are adopting smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet. These ’toys’ are getting embellished with gargantuan volumes of memory. They are no longer ‘playthings’. These devices are gradually performing lots of roles that our computers used to perform in the recent past. With increasing dependence on these devices, as well […]

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Where the mobile application stores stand (Updated)

I thought it would be a good idea to present the status of the various mobile application stores at a glance for your convenience: Apple App Store: 425,000 applications Android Market: 250,000+ applications Nokia Store: 50,000 applications Blackberry App World: 38,000+ applications Windows Marketplace: 27,500 applications Bada apps in Samsung Store: 13,000+ applications WebOS Store: […]

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