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If you want to buy a TECNO smartphone…

Posted by Moverick on December 05, 2013  /   12 comments
TECNO Phantom A3

After observing the trends with TECNO smartphones in the market, I gained a fairly good grasp of their life cycles. I remember a few weeks after the launch of the TECNO Phantom A, someone said to me that she would wait till it had dropped in price to a certain level. I smiled and responded […]

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Battle Of The Smartphone Platforms

Posted by Moverick on March 05, 2012  /   4 comments

The smartphone market is an interesting one to watch, and I have been watching it closely. One of the key factors in the smartphone market is the availability (or otherwise) of 3rd party applications for respective platforms. It has been pushed that the smartphone market cannot support more than three (3) app ecosystems. If we […]

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Does RIM/BlackBerry Need To Win The American Market?

Posted by Moverick on December 21, 2011  /   26 comments

RIM have had a hard year in 2011. There were a number of server failures. The BlackBerry PlayBook has had dismal sales. RIM also had to rename their next generation OS version from BBX to BlackBerry 10. And now, their financial value is down over 70% in a year. A bad year indeed. Mobility blog […]

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Dear Sirs, Price is not everything

Posted by Moverick on November 29, 2011  /   27 comments

I have been meaning to write this article for a long time now. Looking at the mobile services market here in Nigeria, I am both amused and sad (though how that combination is possible is beyond me) at how everything seems to boil down to price. The operators are in a nasty price war – […]

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New Android Market for v2.2 and above

Posted by Dayo Olutunfese on July 13, 2011  /   3 comments

If your device runs Android 2.2 and above, you can expect an update to the Android Market app on your device in a couple of weeks time. Google has revealed, through it’s official blog, that an update to the Android Market is due in a couple of weeks. This update brings a new and improved […]

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