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The Smartphone World Is So Boring Right Now

Posted by Moverick on December 02, 2012  /   12 comments
The world of mobiles

Yes; the smartphone world is so boring right now. This statement may come as a shock to those of you who belong to the iOS-Android generation, and this is all that you have seen. But once upon a time, there was a smartphone world with lots of excitement. We had Symbian UIQ, Symbian S60, Symbian […]

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Nokia, Symbian, MeeGo, WindowsPhone And The Future

Posted by Moverick on February 24, 2012  /   10 comments

A lot of things have been said and written about Nokia’s adoption of Windows Phone as their smartphone platform. Some things are very obvious. Others less so. Here are my thoughts on the saga. Symbian Symbian ruled the smartphone market for ten (10) years unchallenged. Against Palm OS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, it held on […]

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MeeGo Was/Is Not Ready For Mainstream Consumers

Posted by Moverick on December 31, 2011  /   14 comments

I am one of the priviledged few people in the world to own and use the exclusive and elusive Nokia N9. This is the wonder device with an amazing OS embedded in one of the most amazing hardware on mobile ever. That OS has been branded MeeGo. However, the N9 does not really run MeeGo, […]

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Yomi’s Nokia N9 review

Posted by Moverick on November 15, 2011  /   31 comments
Nokia N9

I have had the Nokia N9 for a couple of weeks now and have put it through my regular work schedule – and pushed it some more too. It is not everyday that a smartphone like the N9 comes along. This dude packs a rare combination of holistic aesthetics with functionality like no other – […]

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A look at the Nokia N9’s battery life

Posted by Moverick on November 09, 2011  /   6 comments

If you followed my reviews of the Nokia N9’s older brother, the QWERTY slider N900 last year, you will remember that I found it an excellent device. Its main sore thumb, however, was poor battery life. As such, one of my apprehensions concerning the N9 was this very issue: how well would this new kid […]

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Tributes to the amazing Nokia N9

Posted by Moverick on October 17, 2011  /   34 comments

I do not remember any mobile device that has been received with the kind of excitement with which the Nokia N9 has been received in the mobile blogosphere. Nokia says that the N9 is a demonstration product of sorts, limits production to just about 90,000 units, stiffles it for Windows Phone, limits country availability, yet […]

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Nokia N9 – a magical experience

Posted by Moverick on October 14, 2011  /   20 comments

Timi Cantisano is Managing Editor of The Mobile Fanatics. He has written a brief piece that captures the magnificence of the Nokia N9 beautifully, and I think its worth sharing. An excerpt: Experiencing the device for the first time is magical. Time stops, everything goes silent, your heart slows, you hold your breath because you […]

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Nokia N9 Video Hands-on

Posted by Moverick on October 10, 2011  /   9 comments

Here’s a short video tour of the Nokia N9. This is a smartphone running MeeGo/Harmattan underneath Nokia’s Swipe UI. Download: If you’d like to download this, you can do that via this link from What do you think of it? Any questions about anything in the video? I’ve still got my written reviews coming […]

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Yomi’s Nokia N9 unboxing

Posted by Moverick on October 07, 2011  /   24 comments

My Nokia N9 arrived yesterday, but I was out and about the whole day and didn’t get it till I was on my way home. Anyone who knew how Lagos was yesterday knows that vehicular traffic was killing. I rarely do unboxings. However, I was stuck in traffic for hours, many times at a stand-still […]

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My Nokia N9 arrives tomorrow!

Posted by Moverick on October 05, 2011  /   29 comments

Yes; you read right: my Nokia N9 – that MeeGo-powered smartie that everyone has been raving about – arrives tomorrow. It feels good to be one of the first guys to own one in these parts. Considering that this is going to be a rare device (very limited copies are being produced), you can imagine […]

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