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Choosing a Phone: 3.5G is not 3.5G

Posted by Moverick on October 10, 2013  /   10 comments

Recently, I had reason to take my SIM out of my primary smartphone and put it in another phone. All of a sudden, I was experiencing mind-boggling internet speeds. The difference in speed blew me away. I was reminded of the fact that 3.5G is not 3.5G. How do I mean? The previous phone in […]

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Get Better Battery Life By Using WiFi Instead Of 3G

Posted by Moverick on February 26, 2012  /   14 comments

If you use 3G on your smartphone or tablet on a regular basis, chances are that you wish for better battery life. Did you know that using Wi-fi for internet connectivity instead of the built-in 3G radio on your device is less drain on the battery? Yes; if you turn off 3G data on your […]

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Etisalat to buy 3G license off Alheri?

Posted by Moverick on December 13, 2009  /   6 comments

In 2007, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) issued 3G licences to four operators – MTN, Glo, Zain, and little-known Alheri. Since the issuance of the licenses, the other three operators have deployed and now offer 3G-based services to millions of subscribers across the country. But not Alheri. Till date, the Dangote-owned company has nothing to […]

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