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Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria now available for download

Posted by Moverick on June 11, 2009  /   9 comments

I have been working behind the scenes on a concise guide to mobile internet in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the fastest growing mobile voice and internet countries in the world. This free ebook provides concise but useful information about the available GSM-based mobile internet services in the country. 2nd Revision: Mar. 2010 1st Revision: […]

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Email on your Phone

Posted by Moverick on May 04, 2009  /   10 comments

Most current mid-tier and all current high-end mobile phones have built-in email clients in their Messaging menu. This means that you can recieve, manage and respond to your emails on your phone. Benefits include having access to your mail when away from your desktop or notebook. You can always fire a quick and short response, […]

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Sub-standard Internet Service Delivery in Nigeria

Posted by Moverick on April 20, 2009  /   21 comments

A user of this site recently submitted the following comment: Yomi I am getting fed up with all the sub standard internet services being rendered to us in this Country, mainly because of the speed. I started out with glo, it was a frustrating experience. By the way, can you confirm if glo is still […]

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Best Mobile Internet Deals

Posted by Moverick on April 02, 2009  /   no comment

Here is my updated list of the best mobile internet deals at the moment. Because we currently have two types of mobile platforms running side-by-side in the country (GSM and CDMA), I am presenting one network per technology platform. Both networks on my list offer a variety of packages, giving subscribers great choice in their […]

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Mobile Data and User-friendly Configuration

Posted by Dayo Olutunfese on March 31, 2009  /   7 comments

It is amazing that in the year 2009 (not 1989) some of our local GSM service providers still ask customers to come to their offices or to place telephone calls to request for their lines to be provisioned in order to have access to the network’s data (or value added) services. While deploying a data […]

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This Free Browsing Thing

Posted by Moverick on March 17, 2009  /   3 comments

This is a rant, and it was triggered off by a comment posted at All About Symbian by someone who calls himself Natureboyzone. Here is what he posted: Hi.i am new to the forum.i use N76 and my network is mtn do i activate it for free browsing.i also heard about the data call […]

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Lowest Priced 3G Phones Available

Posted by Moverick on September 23, 2008  /   no comment

Almost all GSM networks in the country have 3G up and running at the moment. MTN and GloMobile are on. Zain is yet to officially launch, but the technology is there. One of the issues at stake for both subscribers and operators is the availability of 3G phones. For the one, cost of acquisition is […]

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