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Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria now available for download

I have been working behind the scenes on a concise guide to mobile internet in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the fastest growing mobile voice and internet countries in the world. This free ebook provides concise but useful information about the available GSM-based mobile internet services in the country. 2nd Revision: Mar. 2010 1st Revision: […]

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Sub-standard Internet Service Delivery in Nigeria

A user of this site recently submitted the following comment: Yomi I am getting fed up with all the sub standard internet services being rendered to us in this Country, mainly because of the speed. I started out with glo, it was a frustrating experience. By the way, can you confirm if glo is still […]

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Turn Your Notebook into a WLAN Hotspot and Browse on Your Phone

I received a request from an iPhone owner who wants to be able to use his PC internet subscription on his phone. In this article, I present a tutorial on how to setup a wireless hotspot on your notebook and browse with your Wi-fi enabled phone through that wireless connection. The idea is that you […]

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Backup and Synchronize Your Contacts, Pictures, SMS and Calendar with ZYB

If you change phones a lot for any reason, you must be familiar with the problem of transferring your contacts. One way to solve that problem is to regularly backup your files. But this does not have to be limited to just contacts. Other files, such as SMS, pictures and calendar entries, can be backed […]

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This Free Browsing Thing

This is a rant, and it was triggered off by a comment posted at All About Symbian by someone who calls himself Natureboyzone. Here is what he posted: Hi.i am new to the forum.i use N76 and my network is mtn do i activate it for free browsing.i also heard about the data call […]

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