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Choosing a Phone: 3.5G is not 3.5G

Posted by Moverick on October 10, 2013  /   10 comments

Recently, I had reason to take my SIM out of my primary smartphone and put it in another phone. All of a sudden, I was experiencing mind-boggling internet speeds. The difference in speed blew me away. I was reminded of the fact that 3.5G is not 3.5G. How do I mean? The previous phone in […]

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Get Better Battery Life By Using WiFi Instead Of 3G

Posted by Moverick on February 26, 2012  /   14 comments

If you use 3G on your smartphone or tablet on a regular basis, chances are that you wish for better battery life. Did you know that using Wi-fi for internet connectivity instead of the built-in 3G radio on your device is less drain on the battery? Yes; if you turn off 3G data on your […]

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How Usable Is GPRS/EDGE For You?

Posted by Moverick on December 14, 2011  /   30 comments

How do I put this? I do not have statistics for the rest of the world, but I do know that in my experience here in Nigeria, using GPRS/EDGE for almost anything is a painful experience. In my opinion, the least internet capability of any device that you want to use for web browsing, social […]

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Airtel Nigeria gunning for 80% 3G coverage

Posted by Mobility PR on April 28, 2011  /   10 comments

Airtel Nigeria has stated that they are expanding their 3G infrastructure to cover nearly 80 percent of Nigeria’s population by 2012. This is in a bid to deliver reliable and affordable Internet services to customers. Before now, Airtel had the poorest coverage of the existing UMTS networks in the ccountry. Already, the expansion can be […]

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Free Video Messaging with Glo – Strike Two

Posted by brym! on December 16, 2009  /   7 comments

Glo announced its free video messaging some months back, but it didn’t quite fly. It looks like they are giving it another try. Here are the contents of an SMS sent out today: Glo is at it again! Now you can send and receive a video message for FREE. Experience one of the advantages of […]

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Glo Introduces Pre-Paid 3G Packages

Posted by Moverick on October 20, 2009  /   58 comments

GSM operator, GloMobile has finally joined the train of pre-paid internet bundle plans. Before now, Glo pre-paid subscribers could only enjoy GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA at the rate of 15 kobo per kb. Now, pre-paid subscribers have access to bundle internet packages on the Glo network. Here are the new pre-paid packages: All Day (24-hour) Packages Always Day […]

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Goodbye, Zain

Posted by Moverick on August 27, 2009  /   14 comments

I held out for as long as possible, hoping against hope that Zain Nigeria would have a re-think about some of their services. No; I wasn’t asking for too much. I only needed stable mobile internet services. Because this is 2009, I also wanted that internet connection to be high speed. GPRS is good. EDGE […]

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Z3 – Zain 3G – Limited to Post-Paid Plans Only?

Posted by Moverick on August 19, 2009  /   26 comments

There’s a discussion thread over at Nairaland focussed on Z3, the Zain 3G service. The gist is that the Z3 service is officially restricted to post-paid (contract) plans, though it appears that some very few non-contract lines are able access it (a system glitch?). In addition, if what the original poster says is true, Z3 […]

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How Intelligent is Nigeria’s Most Advanced GSM Network?

Posted by Moverick on June 18, 2009  /   7 comments

The PR guys at GloMobile consistently tout their network as Nigeria’s most advanced GSM network. In addition, they tell us that Glo is also building Africa’s most advanced netwwork. But how advanced (read: intelligent) can this network be, given the following: Newly activated SIMs are not automatically provisioned for mobile data. “Less advanced” networks like […]

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