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My Glo Bolt Experience, by WorldFamous Lammy

Posted by Olamide Egbayelo on November 29, 2012  /   27 comments
Glo Bolt Modem pack

I misplaced my Glo NETPRO modem sometime in October, and had been looking forward to getting a replacement modem. My intention was to have the new modem unlocked, so as to be able to use SIM cards from other networks on it. Last week Thursday, Globacom used their social media handles on Facebook and Twitter […]

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GloMobile recharge – Rule your world, or Ruin your world?

Posted by Moverick on September 09, 2012  /   12 comments
glo recharge card

Have you ever purchased a mobile recharge card and while scratching it to reveal the airtime PIN, ran into trouble? You have? Awesome! You’re not alone. This used to be a common occurence on almost all the mobile networks in the past. Thankfully, many of them have addressed the issue and you don’t have to […]

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Glo mobile internet blackout and fibre optics cuts

Posted by Moverick on July 10, 2012  /   12 comments

I was largely unavailable yesterday because I had to go see the dentist and have what’s left of my ageing dentition pulled out. However, I did notice that the few times that I tried to get a connection on Glo, I met with failure. This morning (yes; I’m a bit better), the problem has persisted. […]

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My Second Romance with Glo BlackBerry

Posted by Moverick on June 27, 2012  /   12 comments

It was with some trepidation that I slotted my GloMobile SIM into my Blackberry 9810 a few days ago. My first romance with Glo Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) in July 2010 had ended up a disaster. Back then, the connection was very epileptic and unstable. I would often go for hours without BlackBerry service. Eventually, […]

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Where is the 4G/LTE network that Glo “launched” last year?

Posted by Moverick on June 21, 2012  /   15 comments

At an elaborate event last year, Globacom supposedly “launched” a 4G/LTE network in Nigeria. From the article published on Mobility blog in January 2011: Globacom on Tuesday, January 11, blazed another trail in the country as it launched the First 4G-LTE network of Nigeria. Here is the link to the article: Glo Announces the First […]

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Consumer Complaint: Glo BlackBerry blackout

Posted by Mobility PR on May 20, 2012  /   7 comments

This report was sent in by Mr. Kayode Sokunbi, a Glo BlackBerry subscriber. On 17th May, 2012, I noticed that the network signal on my blackberry smartphone was displaying GSM [This usually reflects non-availability of BlackBerry service – Editor]. I put a call through to GloMobile blackberry helpdesk and I was told that they were […]

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Review: Glo appstore for Android

Posted by Emmanuel Olalere on April 26, 2012  /   10 comments

I recently stumbled upon Globacom Nigeria’s application store (or app store) for Android and decided to check it out. There is also a version for BlackBerry users downloadable from the same page. After downloading and installing the Glo appstore, you are required to select your device on first launch. After that, the app loads a […]

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How to browse pay-as-you-go on GloMobile

Posted by Moverick on November 30, 2011  /   25 comments
Globacom logo

The standard mobile internet configuration for GloMobile subscribers on a data plan is named GloFlat and has the following parametres: APN (access point name): gloflat Username: flat Password: flat Once you exhaust your bundle plan though, you will find that you are unable to browse on a pay-as-you-go basis with the above configuration. To be […]

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NCC to Operators: Improve Quality of Service, Or!

Posted by Izi Ehigie on November 01, 2011  /   19 comments

From the break of today the first day of November 2011, the clock began to tick as the countdown begins to the 30 days ultimatum issued by NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) to Globacom, MTN and Airtel. The Nigerian Communications Commission has said that it would penalize the three major network operators to the tune of […]

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Discount bundle plans for Nokia devices with Glo Mega Deals

Posted by Mobility PR on September 10, 2011  /   29 comments

In a special partnership, Globacom Nigeria and Nokia run a unique bundle offer for Nokia handsets called Glo Mega Deals that offer users of 7 select Nokia handsets a number of benefits. There are three specific plans, broken down as follows: Premium Plan The Premium Plan offers Nokia N8, E7 and E6 users the following: […]

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Fire Incident Disrupts Globacom Mobile Services

Posted by Moverick on February 14, 2011  /   23 comments

It was a stormy and frustrating weekend for GloMobile subscribers who suddenly found their lines without service. Service seems to have been fully restored as at yesterday evening. Globacom has issued a public announcement on the incident: The management of Globacom Limited wishes to inform the general public that due to a fire incident which […]

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