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Quick Facts about Bitflux, winner of the 2.3 GHz spectrum auction

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Recently, an entity called Bitflux won the 2.3GHz spectrum license auction to provide wholesale wireless broadband in Nigeria, beating Globacom to the prize. We thought some of our readers would be interested in a few facts about the relatively unknown Bitflux Communications Limited: 1. Bitflux Communications is a consortium set up to bid for the…

What has Globacom done with the SNO license in 8 years?


Edition 592 of carries an opinion piece on news that Bitflux Communications Ltd and Globacom Ltd are the two firms which have been pre-qualified by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as approved bidders for the impending 2.3 GHz Spectrum Auction. The 2.3 GHz spectrum licence is for the provision of wholesale broadband service in…