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Glo Nigeria achieves 90% 3G coverage; reclaims number 2 spot

Posted by Moverick on September 24, 2014  /   4 comments
Nigeria operator marketshare June 2014

Locally-owned telco, Globacom Nigeria, has reclaimed the number 2 spot that it yielded to Airtel some months ago. According to NCC’s information, Globacom now has a 2m active subscriber lead on Airtel. Glo now has 27,327,646 active subscribers, while Airtel trails in 3rd place with 25,302,160. Glo embarked on a network expansion move recently, which […]

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Glo BB10 Configuration Settings

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on June 03, 2014  /   3 comments
Glo BB10

If you own a BB10 device and have subscribed to one of Glo’s BB10 plans, here are the settings that you need: APN: Username: leave blank Password: leave blank That’s it. Your Glo BB10 subscription should work well on your BB10 device.

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Quick Facts about Bitflux, winner of the 2.3 GHz spectrum auction

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on February 26, 2014  /   no comment
Wireless Networks

Recently, an entity called Bitflux won the 2.3GHz spectrum license auction to provide wholesale wireless broadband in Nigeria, beating Globacom to the prize. We thought some of our readers would be interested in a few facts about the relatively unknown Bitflux Communications Limited: 1. Bitflux Communications is a consortium set up to bid for the […]

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What has Globacom done with the SNO license in 8 years?

Posted by Moverick on February 18, 2014  /   3 comments

Edition 592 of carries an opinion piece on news that Bitflux Communications Ltd and Globacom Ltd are the two firms which have been pre-qualified by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as approved bidders for the impending 2.3 GHz Spectrum Auction. The 2.3 GHz spectrum licence is for the provision of wholesale broadband service in […]

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These LTE phones are available in Nigeria already

Posted by Moverick on January 18, 2014  /   4 comments

With Smile Communications’ planned 4G LTE Lagos launch, the question began that began to bug me was, “What LTE phones that are compatible with their service are there in the market right now?” I hunted around and found LTE Maps, a website that lists LTE Bands by country. If that source is correct, Smile is […]

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Does the telecoms brand ambassadors thing even work?

Posted by martinkem on August 03, 2013  /   9 comments
Glo Brand Ambassadors

It has become very fashionable for GSM service providers to select certain well known faces to act as brand ambassadors, a role which no doubt comes with ample remuneration. This is usually done as a way of capturing the mindshare of customers who would associate these celebrities with the GSM companies and in turn would […]

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Smile launches 4G broadband in Uganda. Whither Nigeria?

Posted by Moverick on June 10, 2013  /   4 comments
Smile logo

I am not going to stop saying it: we need faster and more reliable internet access in Nigeria. We need 4G broadband. We have been generally treated to excuses for broadband, and it is time that someone stepped up to the plate to make a difference. I do not want to believe that it is […]

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Share Your Mobile Number Porting Experiences

Posted by Moverick on May 19, 2013  /   6 comments

Mobile number portability has been here for a little while now, and I know a few individuals who have ported or attempted porting. None of them have had a trouble-free experience. Jesse, whose porting from Airtel to Etisalat took eight days of going back and forth, has a few things to say. Besides the porting […]

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Data Auto-Renew: Really In Whose Interest?

Posted by Kayode Akinrelere on April 10, 2013  /   14 comments

In a bid to make life easy for customers/ subscribers/ clients (you get the gist) AND also help themselves keep making money (obviously), businesses come up with several ways of keeping those customers patronising their services. This thinking is what informed features like “direct debit” for PayTV and “Auto-Renewal” for data plans by Telcos. A […]

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Who will offer 4G LTE mobile broadband in Nigeria?

Posted by Moverick on March 28, 2013  /   18 comments

LTE – Long Term Evolution – is considered by many to be the obvious successor to the current generation of UMTS 3G technology and delivers a theoretical maximum download speed of 37.5 mbps. Compare that to the 21 mbps theoretical top speed that current HSPA+ (3.75G) networks offer and you have an idea of the […]

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