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Communicator Flashback: From the Nokia 9210 to the Nokia E7

By definition, the Nokia Communicator is a brand name for a range of business-centric mobile phones. Traditionally, they wore a clamshell form factor, allowing them to be used as ordinary phones in closed mode and as palmtop computers when opened up. The earliest of Nokia’s Communicators were the fore-runners of today’s smartphones. I wasn’t available […]

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Mister Mobility’s Smartphone of the Year 2009…

I thought it would be both fun and informative to do an article on my smartphone of the year 2009. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get good participation for the MobilityNigeria 2009 Phone Awards. Thanks to all those who did drop their nominations. Anyway, in this article, I will list all the smartphones I […]

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N86, N97, iPhone 3G, T-Mobile G1 Browsers Go head-to-Head

The guys at All About Symbian went all out to pitch the browsers on a number of competing mobile phone platforms represented by the following devices: N86 N97 iPhone 3G T-Mobile G1 AAS concludes: In general the Nokia devices with version 7.1 of the S60 browser out-performed the iPhone 3G and T-Mobile G1. The iPhone […]

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