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Cameroon: MTN and Orange launch Mobile Tax

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on December 16, 2014  /   no comment
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Mobile operators MTN and Orange have launched a new mobile tax service to help millions of taxpayers in Cameroon pay their property taxes via mobile money. So, we are looking at mobile money being used for tax payment purposes. Tax evasion is reported to be a big issue on the country, and with a huge […]

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Unbelievable: Cameroon gets first 3G network

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on September 18, 2014  /   3 comments
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In really surprising news, Cameroon has just launched its first commercial 3G network as Nexttel commences operations. Before now, the country had just two GSM networks, MTN and Orange, and those two did not run 3G services. Cameroon reportedly has a mobile market penetration rate below the African average. Viettel is Vietnam’s largest mobile network […]

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Cameroon to migrate to 9-digit telephone numbering system

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on August 31, 2014  /   no comment
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Business in Cameroon reports that the country’s Telecommunications Regulations Agency (TRA) has announced the switchover to the new 9-digit telephone numbering system to take effect in November 2014. This is the 3rd telephone numbering system that Cameroon will adopt in 17 years. Cameroon has over 16 million active mobile subscribers and 220,000 land lines. The […]

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Cameroonian Invents A Medical Tablet, The Cardiopad

Posted by Moverick on February 13, 2012  /   8 comments

This is one really substantive bit of news that is worth carrying. In a world of cheap China knock-off tablets that are simply re-branded for startups, here is a real work of innovation. Arthur Zang, a 24-year-old Cameroonian engineer, has built the CardioPad, the first fully touchscreen medical tablet that can perform tests such as […]

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