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House Of Mo #2

House of Mo

The other day, it was Mo’s birthday. Today being a Saturday, he spent many hours with members of the MOBILITY team. I could tell you all about Dayo, his long time friend who is quite fond of cakes and ice…

What Makes A Camera Good?


I am a shutterbug, thanks to years of hanging around with my dad. I love to take pictures, which is why I am a great fan of good cameras on phones. Given any two smartphones, chances are that I will…

Mobilista Episode 27 – An Evening At The Beach


We were standing there on the shore with the waves lapping gently at our bare feet. He had gone silent a while, and for some reason I had too. If I must confess, after a few moments of silence, my feelings were a mess. Somehow, I felt something was up. not that he was a man of many words under normal circumstances. Let’s just chalk this up to woman’s intuition, shall we? Anyway, we stood there facing the ocean and not moving. Then he gently untangled from me, turned to face me, and held my head in his strong hands. He planted a soft kiss on my forehead and then began to speak in a slow, measured tone of voice.

Low-light camera shootout: Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III vs HTC One X

Low Light Shootout

It’s one thing to snag proper exposure, though — capturing sharp details with little noise and superior color balance is an entirely different beast, and the Lumia managed to do just that, as you’ll see in our 100-percent-view shots further on. Later in the evening we hit the streets of Helsinki for a real-world shootout. The 920 did present some issues with exaggerated shake and other rapid movements, but it offered up excellent results overall, even in scenes that were too dark for us to make out any details with our own eyes.