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Finally, BlackBerry makes a really good cameraphone

Posted by Moverick on November 13, 2014  /   5 comments
Passport 13mp camera

Photography has never been a strong point of BlackBerry smartphones. But finally I can say that Blackberry has made a really good cameraphone. The Passport has a 13 megapixel camera with LED flash, 2.0 backside illumination, optical image stabilization (OIS), and 5x digital zoom. And it isn’t just specifications. Here are some daylight pictures from […]

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UltraPixel: HTC’s 4 megapixel camera

Posted by Moverick on March 26, 2014  /   2 comments

Last year, HTC made a bet on putting a 4 megapixel camera in its flagship smartphone, the One. I still haven’t had the opportunity to handle one till today, but reviews everywhere are almost unanimous that the UltraPixel thing, as it is branded, doesn’t measure up to the competition. This year, HTC has stuck with […]

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No; the Oppo Find 7 doesn’t have a 50 megapixel camera

Posted by Moverick on March 20, 2014  /   3 comments
Oppo Find 7

You probably have heard news of the Oppo Find 7, a 5.5-inch display smartphone that supposedly has a 50 megapixel camera. Well, it doesn’t. What it has is a 13 megapixel rear camera that takes ten photographs quickly in “Super Zoom” mode, and stitches the best four out of them into a single 50 megapixel […]

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Fountain: A Lumia 1520 Photoshoot

Posted by Moverick on March 08, 2014  /   no comment
Nokia Lumia 1520 shot fountain

I took the Nokia Lumia 1520’s 20 megapixel Pureview camera out for a spin and came up with some interesting shots of a fountain just before sunset. Here are two for your enjoyment. The first is a full shot of the fountain. By adjusting the ISO, I was able to freeze the running water resulting […]

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Welcome Nokia Camera. Goodbye Nokia Pro Cam And Nokia Smart Cam

Posted by Moverick on October 23, 2013  /   no comment
Nokia Camera

Do you remember my article, Lumia festival of cameras: Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, and Smart Shoot? In that article, I said: This article focuses on three camera apps developed by Nokia – Nokia Pro Cam, Nokia Smart Cam, and Smart Shoot. If you have found yourself confused about these apps, relax; you are […]

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Have a look at this Bokeh image from the Lumia 1020

Posted by Moverick on October 19, 2013  /   no comment
Nokia Pro Cam Bokeh effect

In photography, the “bokeh” effect is Japanese in origin and refers to a technique in photgraphy in which an element of an image is intentionally out while an object is kept in focus. Sometimes, the object is in the foreground. At other times, it is in the background. Nokia Pro Cam is one of the […]

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The Police too now use cameraphones

Posted by Moverick on August 15, 2013  /   3 comments

I was on my way out this morning and was driving past a roundabout when I noticed a car that was causing an obstruction on the second lane because the driver had attempted to shunt. Apparently, the traffic light had turned red at a bad time and he had tried to get back in the […]

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[Smartphone Photography] Evening at Freedom Park

Posted by Moverick on July 17, 2013  /   no comment
Evening at Freedom Park

Freedom Park along Broad Street, is one of Lagos’ best kept relaxation secrets. It really is a beautiful place to relax, enjoy a date, or attend a show. For those who would love to know, Oxygen Broadband has an active hotspot there as well, so you can go get work done there too, if that […]

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Phoney – Kenyan TV Series shot on Nokia N8

Posted by Moverick on May 17, 2013  /   1 comment
Trailer-Phoney-Shot on N8

I am a big fan of mobile, but not just for the sake of the technology. Rather, I love to showcase and explore what these powerful tools can actually do in real life usage. I read on Balancing Act Africa that a mobile TV drama series shot entirely on the Nokia N8 is being produced […]

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