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Palm legacy under TCL

Palm is now a TCL company

As a sequel to my article, Will Palm be back in mobile?, global handset vendor, TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited has announced that it has purchased the Palm brand and will create a new Palm Inc., a US-based company that will take ownership of the Palm brand. According to TCL, "the new Palm Inc. will…

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Nokia Lumia 630

Poll: Is the future of Windows Phone at the low end?

The Guardian has a long article pushing the idea that the future of Windows Phone OS is at the low end, based on comments made by Dan Dery, Alcatel's vice president. Let's look at a quote from Dan: “We’re not interested in high-end devices – so Windows Phone producing a very, very good consumer experience…

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HTC Mini Plus

A remote controller for your smartphone?

Okay, this is crazy, but here is the story of mobile: first, we had those big, bulky phones and then we kept miniaturising them so that they could truly be mobile. Then we decided we had had enough of tiny and then began to grow them back again. Now, our smartphones are growing so huge…

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