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X-files: Where to find more apps for your Nokia X

Posted by Moverick on May 20, 2014  /   2 comments
Xfiles Android apps

The Nokia X and its siblings in the X Software Platform can run Android apps. Microsoft has an extensive collection of Android apps available in their own Store which is pre-installed on the X. To download apps to your X from the Store, just launch the store by tapping on its icon on the homepage. […]

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Looking for the ultimate camera app on Android?

Posted by Moverick on January 16, 2014  /   1 comment
android camera

Me too! The default Android camera app is okay. It just isn’t inspiring. So, I am on a quest to discover a 3rd party camera app on Android OS that will win my heart. I have already downloaded and installed Camera360 and HDR Camera. Nothing spectacular yet from either of them. The ultimate search continues. […]

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Do we really need an app for ALL that?

Posted by Moverick on August 05, 2010  /   7 comments

Last month, I published my hands-on with MobiNigeria app for Symbian. In response to that article, one of our regulars here made a comment that didn’t go down well with too many people, yet he had a point that I will attempt to blow up in this article. I find that regardless of how good […]

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Customising your smartphone: how far do you go?

Posted by Moverick on February 12, 2010  /   7 comments

Smartphones are highly versatile tools, regardless of what platform one chooses. While MobilityNigeria regulars are not reflective of the average smartphone user on the street (by default, regulars here live close to the cutting edge of things), we thought we would still sample you all out with regards how far you go in customising your […]

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